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On Monday, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returned for Season 5.

The premiere, just months after Season 4, introduced new couples. But we also saw fan favorites again.

Kenneth and Armando have returned. They’re still happily married in Mexico.

But they have two major decisions to make that could alter the course of their lives, and marriage, forever.


Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio are the 90 Day Fiance franchise’s first male gay couple.

They are also fan-favorites. Part of it is that they are charming and charismatic and funny.

Another part is that they have normal problems — external problems. Nobody is scheming or screaming.


Kenny already had kids. He is a grandfather.

But, years ago, he met Armando in an online group for single gay dads. Armando had a traumatic story about splitting from his late ex-wife. And he also has Hannah.

Now, Kenneth and Armando are living their happily ever after and raising Hannah together in Mexico.


During the premiere, Kenneth and Armando brought up one of the major decisions looming on the horizon.

At present, they live in a remote area of Mexico. It is not unlike where Armando grew up.

The nearest grocery store is 20 minutes away. Hannah’s school is farther away. There aren’t any stoplights, Kenny shares.


After a recent visit to Mexico City, Kenneth fell in love with the place. And he cannot stop thinking about how many opportunities they, and Hannah, could have there.

But Armando is leery of potential crime in the city. He is very comfortable in a small, isolated community where he knows everyone.

These conversations happen all of the time in the US. Kenneth and Armando need to find a solution that will make them both happy.


There is another issue. This time, it’s from Armando’s side of things. He would like to have another child — this time, with Kenneth.

This is where their generations are a bigger issue than anything else.

Kenny is about 60. Armando is in his thirties. Of course the grandfather and the father-of-one have different ideas here.


Kenneth notes that this is a huge decision. He’s also getting older, and worries about how much energy it takes to be a parent — and how old he’ll be.

Armando notes that if age and time are problems, then they should stop waiting.

There’s room for compromise here. Kenny even notes that, if they wanted a surrogate, they’d need to be in a more urban environment like Mexico City just to find someone.


They can’t figure out both of these major decisions overnight. But they are, at least potentially, related.

Figuring out where to live has a slightly easier solution. You can test drive a zip code more easily than you can test drive having a baby.

So they embarked upon a 6-week trip to Mexico City. This summer vacation would help them both to get to know the city.


Hannah, of course, was along for the ride. And looking very excited.

The rental condo came fully furnished and with a breathtaking view of the city itself.

Back home, the trio have an ocean view. This one is different, but still gorgeous.


Maybe, in six weeks, Armando will love city life as much as Kenny does. Or maybe Kenneth will learn the hard way that Armando’s fears are well-founded.

Hopefully, they’ll see eye-to-eye on this, and on whether to have another kid, very soon.

This is a couple that genuinely loves and respects each other. Disagreeing is hard (and rare, for them), but they’ll get through this together.