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Despite many times when viewers suspect that it’s happening, Tyray Mollett’s catfishing storyline is a 90 Day Fiance rarity.

The woman he loves does not exist. She is an amalgamation of an escort’s photos and the words of a now-apologetic conman.

Unfortunately, Tyray continues to cling to the idea that maybe, just maybe, “Carmella” is real.

Will a visit to a private investigator give him enough information to cut through the layers of denial?


In the sneak peek clip from the Sunday, July 16 episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days that you can see below, Tyray is searching for the truth.

He and his sister, Lashanti, stop by the office of a private investigator by the name of Louis.

Lashanti doesn’t really need any more information than she already has. But Tyray … Tyray needs help.


Tyray has already spoken with Louis over the phone. And Louis understands what his client is looking for.

(No judgment but Louis has a very chaotic desktop arrangement … but hey, whatever works for him. Everybody has a system)

Louis tells the camera that he knows that Tyray is hoping that he’ll tell him that “Carmella” is the real deal. But she is not.


So, he sits down with Tyray and with Lashanti.

The sneak peek does not show the entire meeting, but it does show Tyray facing some hard truths.

He noted that he could not, of course, look into behind-the-scenes financial information on “Carmella” without a subpoena. But he also didn’t have to.


Louis found social media accounts attached to a woman using the name “Carmella.”

These included photos of the woman with whom Tyray believes that he has spent years communicating.

But that doesn’t mean that Tyray is not a catfishing victim. Louis tries to break this to him as gently as possible.

What did he find?

The woman in question is not just a model. She is a cam model.

Camming refers to using a webcam (hence the name) to perform acts, ranging from undressing to explicit sex acts or more “kinky” fetish behavior, for money.


Judging from these public posts, it sounds like the woman in the photos does more fetish work.

This could be innocuous and not-inherently sexual stuff (popping balloons, horny ASMR, foot stuff) or it could be extremely kinky. We don’t know.

And neither does Tyray. The person with whom he has been speaking is not a “fetish artist” by any means.


And that’s not all that Louis had to share.

He had the paypal to which Tyray has sent money — likely a few thousand dollars or more, by this point.

But it’s not the paypal account on Carmella’s social media.


Why? Because the “Carmella” (likely a stage name) who models for those photos and lives in the US is not the same person who has messaged Tyray.

She is also not the same person to whom he has been sending money.

Again, everyone else knows this. But Tyray, after four years of this relationship that never existed in the first place, is having trouble accepting it. This guy needs a hug.