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Kate Gosselin is one of the most infamous reality TV personalities on the planet … even though she’s a has-been.

She is not a good person. And she is not a good mom. Kate doesn’t seem interested in reconciling with Collin. And it’s hard to imagine something worse for his well being than a relationship with his mom.

And yet, over the weekend, she was in the same room with him — and with Jon.

Kate made an astonishing appearance at Hannah and Collin’s high school graduation.

Kate Gosselin Looks Angry
Kate Gosselin speaks forcefully here into the camera while being featured back in the day on TLC. (Photo via TLC) (TLC)

It’s June, which means that a lot of high school graduation ceremonies are going down in the next few days. Even more have already taken place.

Hannah and Collin Gosselin are no exception.

Both sextuplets graduated over the first weekend of June.

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Hannah Gosselin lives with her dad, Jon. They appear to have a very good relationship, as you can see here. (Instagram)

The two began living with dad Jon Gosselin in 2018.

More or less as soon as family court let them make their own choices about it.

Hannah was able to make the leap first. Then, Collin — only after Jon received the legal authority to bring him home. Remember, Kate had institutionalized him.

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Collin and Jon Gosselin have joined forces against Kate. (Photo via Instagram) (Instagram)

However, Jon has remained estranged from Alexis, Joel, Leah, Aaeden, and the twins, Mady and Cara.

Some longtime fans (of the kids) struggled to understand. Jon’s failures are numerous, but it is difficult to compare them to Kate.

We should remember that family and trauma are both complex. Sometimes, children gravitate towards the worse parent.

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“On to the next,” Hannah Gosselin captioned this triumphant photo in June of 2023. She graduated high school! (Instagram)

Well, over the weekend, Kate actually showed up to the graduation.

The Sun reports that it “was a bit of a surprise” to see her in the crowd for not only Hannah but also Collin.

“She truly has been missing for most of Collin’s adult life,” he insider reported. “And has barely seen Hannah.”

Kate Gosselin on ABC
Kate Gosselin is pictured here on ABC, from an interview from back in the day. (ABC)

Apparently, Kate was there for Hannah — and only for Hannah. Kate snapped selfies while there, and took pics with Hannah.

The two had, as Jon reported, very recently gotten back on speaking terms. That is Hannah’s choice to make.

The insider reported that Kate “coldly snubbed” Collin. She didn’t take pics with him or even speak to him.

Collin Gosselin made some shocking allegations about his mother during a recent interview. (Entertainment Tonight)

Honestly? That’s certainly for the best.

Collin has endured more than enough of what Kate decided to inflict upon him during his young life.

He deserves a life free from her. One day, with time and therapy, perhaps he can heal.

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In September of 2022, Jon Gosselin showed off his superb sense of style by wearing an excellent shirt. (Instagram)

“Jon was super-proud to see his kids graduate,” the insider went on to report.

“They’ve all been through a lot these past few years,” the source acknowledged.

“So,” the insider then summarized, “it was a really nice family celebration.” Not even Kate could spoil that!