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Earlier this week, Collin Gosselin gave an interview that shocked fans who have been following the saga of his famously dysfunctional family.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Collin harshly criticized his mother, Kate Gosselin, essentially accusing her of tearing the family apart.

These days, Collin lives with his father, Jon Gosselin, and his sister Hannah.

He noted during the interview that he hasn’t spoken to his other siblings in several years, seemingly as a result of his estrangement from Kate.

Kate has endured her fair share of criticism over the years, but this is the first time that she’s been so publicly savaged by her own son.

And not surprisingly, it seems that the mother of eight is still reeling from her 18-year-old son’s remarks.

“She is still bitter over things he has said about her,” a source close to the situation tells In Touch.

Kate Gosselin Looks Angry
Kate Gosselin speaks forcefully here into the camera while being featured back in the day on TLC. (Photo via TLC)

“He is her child, and she loves him regardless, but she can be very spiteful. Once you cross her it is difficult to recover.”

The insider adds that Kate would love to speak with Collin — especially since her experience of their relationship is so different from what he described on Entertainment Tonight.

Collin Gosselin made some shocking allegations about his mother during a recent interview. (Photo via ET)

“Her side of the story is totally different from what Collin explains,” the source continues.

One of the biggest disagreements concerns Kate’s decision to send Collin to an in-patient treatment program for children with behavioral issues when he was 14.

“Kate claims Collin needed behavioral help and that sending him away to school was for his own good. But he and Jon have never seen it that way,” says the source.

Collin and Jon “think she sent him away as punishment, as if she didn’t want to deal with the issues he was having.”

The source notes that Collin believes the behavioral issues were “caused by the show and their fame,” and that Kate could have put a stop to it all at any time.

Whatever the case, Collin revealed during the interview that his relationship with his mother was non-existent even before she sent him away for treatment.

Collin Gosselin Photograph
Collin Gosselin is back on Instagram. We really hope the teen is doing okay these days. (Photo via Instagram)

“I didn’t have a relationship with her,” he shared.

“Even before [being] there, I don’t think we had much of a relationship, and I think that just kept tearing it even more down.”

Collin added that he consoles himself with the knowledge that his mother was merely caught up in the heady reality of sudden TV stardom.

Kate Gosselin on ABC Photo
Kate Gosselin is sitting down here and talking to ABC about her family as part of an interview with the network. (Photo via ABC)

“I want to believe it was because of TV and what being in the public eye does to a family. I think it tore us apart,” he told ET.

“It gave us less time to actually be together as a family, [and] more time to be in the public eye.”

Jon was awarded sole custody of Collin following a 2018 hearing hearing at which Kate was absent — a slight that Collin addressed during his interview.

Jon Gosselin and Son Collin
Look who is all grown up! Jon Gosselin poses here with son Collin Gosselin. (Photo via Instagram)

“It didn’t really bother me,” Collin said of Kate’s absence in court.

“It’s like I said, it’s on her own terms and if she doesn’t want to show up, she doesn’t have to show up.”

Kate might not have cared about her son enough to show up in court that day.

But his recent commentary on the situation is affecting something that she definitely cares about — her reputation.