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Amy Duggar is the biggest and most vocal critic there is when it comes to her VERY controversial family.

Especially her uncle.

In the past, Amy has slammed Jim Bob Duggar for his toxic rules as a parent and relative; while also trashing him and his wife for their defense of son Josh Duggar.

But now Amy has gone after Jim Bob in possibly the most personal and painful way possible.

Amy Duggar never has any problem called out her seemingly evil uncle. (TLC)

She’s called out Jim Bob for abusing his children and basically letting his daughters get molested … by their own brother.

“So it all kind of boils down to this, right?” Amy, began in a pointed TikTok video shared on Thursday, June 8.

“If you’re not going to protect those beautiful daughters from a predator that was living inside your home and you knew about it, and you’re gonna sweep it under the rug and your mentality is kinda just like to brush it off and to hide it and to lie, not only do I not respect you anymore, but I also don’t want to give you a right to get to know my child.

“Because I will protect my child at all costs.”


There’s a decent amount to unpack there, huh?

But Amy is citing Josh’s own admission in early 2015 that he touched various young girls when he was a teenager, including siblings Jessa and Jill.

Via the new Amazon Prime Documentary that delves into the Duggars and the church that helped shape their views, we learned that Jim Bob and Michelle tried as hard as they could many years ago to keep Josh’s heinous actions a secret.

They also pressured Jill (one of his victims!) to speak out and defend Josh on Fox News.

Jim Bob Duggar speaks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Continued Amy on TikTok this week:

“Just focus on the fact of the abuse was hidden and then he was put on the stand, and he said, ‘Oh judge, I don’t recall.’”

“You don’t recall your daughters’ abuse? You don’t recall that?” the 19 Kids & Counting alum asked. “Well then, for me, I have to protect my son from you.

“Because something is not right here. A lot of screws are loose.”


Amy has been estranged from most of her relatives for decades.

She has hurled shade at Jim Bob and Michelle on occasion and is back in the news these days — explaining, for example, how she’s tried to hard to reach out to Anna Duggar — due to the aforementioned documentary.

Moments after the series premiered on June 1, Jim Bob and wife Michelle released a statement on their family blog, saying:

“We love every member of our family and will continue to do all we can to have a good relationship with each one.”

As you can see here, though?

It may be too late in some cases.