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Amid rumors that his marriage to Britney Spears is in serious trouble, Sam Asghari has issued a strong statement.

The statement doesn’t necessarily deny these rumors.

But it does prove that Asghari is firmly in the corner of his famous wife.

“The last thing I want to do is speak on my wife’s behalf, I will never do that. I respect her privacy, that’s why I don’t talk as much,” Sam said to open a message on Instagram.

“I found it absolutely disgusting for the people that were in her life at the time when she didn’t have a voice, they went and told her story like it was theirs.

“It was absolutely disgusting.”

Asghari does not name any of these people at any point in his diatribe.

Britney Spears fans are angry at Sam Asghari. Many believe that the model is taking advantage of his wife. (Photo via Instagram)

Spears, of coourse, had her 13-year conservatorship terminated in November 2021.

She has lashed out herself on numerous occasions against her allegedly abusive dad for controlling this conservatorship… and also against her mother and her sister for never coming to her rescue during this awful period of life.

Britney has also blasted the latter two relatives for — in her mind — exploiting the situation for their own financial gain.

Case in point, according to Britney? Jamie Lynn Spears has written a book.

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears cozy up together for this sweet snapshot that they uploaded to social media.

It’s therefore very safe to assume that Asghari is referring to these same individuals when he writes…

“How are you gonna take the most influential person of our generation, the princess of pop, America’s sweetheart, and put her in prison, where her father tells her what to do, what water to drink, who to see, and use her as a money-making machine and then all of a sudden, after 15 years, when she’s free after all [that] gaslighting and all those things that went down, now you’re gonna put her under a microscope and tell her story?

“No. That’s also disgusting, so don’t do that.”

Sam wrote these harsh words just a day before Fox premieres the TMZ documentary “TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom.”

It will air at 9/8c on Monday, May 14.

Asghari has often defended his spouse on social media.

In December, he spoke out after Spears drew backlash for posting nake photos of herself on Instagram.

Britney and Fiance
Britney Spears lays a kiss here on the cheek of Sam Asghari. The two are totally in love!

“The only person in the world that gets bullied for posting things like this,” he wrote in a comment shared to his Instagram Story back then.

“I personally preferred she never posted these but who am I to control someone that’s been under a microscope and been controlled for most of her life.”

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