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During the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All finale over Memorial Day weekend, Kris and Jeymi spoke for what was likely the last time.

They did not part on good terms — not at the Tell All and not in Colombia.

Kris told her castmates that she didn’t have any parting words for Jeymi, because she feared receiving an insult in return.

That prediction came true anyway, as Jeymi’s final farewell to her former wife was a barb.


During Part 2 of the Tell All, Jeymi Noguera had described receiving revenge porn from Kris Foster’s ex-boyfriend. The photos, an egregious violation of Kris’ privacy, showed her engaged in sex acts.

Kris told castmates at Part 3 that she had confronted the ex — and even admitted to destroying the man’s phone.

We don’t normally cheer when someone describes destroying another’s private property. But revenge porn is an evil act. And it’s clear that Jeymi only brought it up to embarrass Kris.


Meanwhile, neither of these bitter exes could agree on the timeline that preceded Jeymi cheating with the woman from Texas.

According to Kris, they had only been out of contact for five days. Jeymi said a month (other times, she said 20 days).

It’s impossible to know which of them is telling the truth. And viewers aren’t sure that it matters, since this happened before they ever met in person. Which means that it was before they married — so they’d both known about this before they tied the knot.


Kris’ mother, Mona, joined the Tell All. There, she stated that Kris “liked the idea of Jeymi,” but that the reality of being in Colombia with Jeymi was not what she needed or really wanted.

Mona did not hold back about labeling Jeymi as someone who was looking for a sugar mama. That’s why she didn’t approve of the relationship from the start.

She explained that she saw firsthand how much money was going to Jeymi — thousands of dollars — because she handled some of the transfers herself. (Kris did not have a PayPal of her own)


Jeymi claimed that this was untrue, alleging that she could “prove” that the PayPal transfers amounted to less than $2,000. But Mona and Kris estimate a ballpark expenditure of around $10k.

It seems unlikely that the numbers that Jeymi was holding up actually represent the total that Kris sent to her. We do not have all of the information, obviously.

Anyone who has sent money to a partner or a relative or a friend in need knows that it can come in multiple avenues, including directly paying their bills online. Right now, neither Kris nor Jeymi can “prove” how much they spent.


The Tell All played a clip of Jeymi and Kris’ long-distance fight, when Kris spent months longer in Alabama than she had initially planned.

Kris grew tearful as the footage played.

She told the Tell All that she wished that Jeymi would just acknowledge that everything that she had done had been for Jeymi and for their marriage.


Debbie observed that this was a very one-sided marriage.

There is no question that Jeymi and Kris loved each other, early on.

But Debbie pointed out that Jeymi never seemed to be working or talking about work, which led her to believe that Jeymi was using Kris. Even if that wasn’t necessarily Jeymi’s intention at the start.


Jeymi clapped back, saying that she was working again and had worked for her entire life.

She also said that the only thing that she had asked for Kris to pay was for the apartment. Other things that Kris had bought for her, she’d done on her own.

Kris was simply too tearful to reply, so her mom stepped in. Mona did say that this relationship wasn’t what Kris had dreamed that it would be. Mona added that she wishes Jeymi the best, but also wants what’s best for her daughter.


Kris declined to give parting words to Jeymi, citing fears that her ex would twist whatever it was into an insult.

And then Jeymi offered a snide remark for Kris, telling her that she felt “very worried” about her mental health.

Obviously, that was an insult from one bitter ex to another.


Tim and Veronica were both glad that Kris and Jeymi split. But while Veronica sided more with Jeymi, Tim got “Jeniffer vibes” from her.

He also noted that he’s been in Kris’ shoes, with someone asking for $500 one day and then more the next.

He also guaranteed that Jeymi’s presentation of the financial history was not the whole story. “You do not keep a girl like that for two years,” Tim declared, on $2k. He’s not wrong.