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Earlier this month, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her third child, a boy for whom she selected the very Duggar-like name of Gunner.

It might be a while before Young Gunner is capable of handling a firearm, but his name is a clear reflection of the Duggar family’s love for all things weapon-related.

Anyway, Joy seems to be loving life as a mother of three, and she’s been posting frequent updates about her new bundle of joy.

But she hasn’t forgotten about her other kids, of course, and Joy’s latest post shined a spotlight on her daughter, Evelyn.

Joy-Anna Duggar posted this photo of her husband and daughter. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Bailing hay today,” Joy captioned the photo above.

“The kids got to drive the tractors and learned the process of storing up hay for the winter.”

Joy also shared a pic of Gunner, who apparently joined her in watching the proceedings.

Joy-Anna Duggar shared this pic of her youngest child. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Now, the whole afternoon looks perfectly innocent and wholesome, but mom-shaming the Duggars is one of the internet’s favorite pastimes, so commenters were quick to roast Joy’s parenting decisions.

“Shouldn’t you be at home out of the hot sun with a newborn baby[?]” one person asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Kids are adorable, but bare feet on a tractor and on a farm is a recipe for big problems. Take it from someone who grew up in farm country,” another added.

Joy-Anna Duggar has a reason to be smiling in this photo. As you can see, she’s been blessed with another kid. (instagram)

“Little girl needs shoes on when around farm equipment, please be careful! Cute pictures with dad,” a third chimed in.

Thankfully, Joy has been a Duggar her entire life, so she’s probably used to pointless criticism of everything she does.

As for Gunner’s name, it appears to have been a last-second decision.

He’s here! Joy-Anna Duggar has shared this photo of her third child, Gunner James Forsyth. (instagram)

A few weeks before the boy’s birth, Joy indicated that she was leaning toward naming him James as a tribute to Austin’s late grandfather.

“Just to give you guys a sneak peek, we are definitely using James either as a first name or the middle name. I’m thinking it will probably be used as a middle name,” Joy wrote in response to a fan’s question,

“Austin’s papaw passed away a few years ago, and he told him before he passed that our next boy would have ‘James’ in it. He agreed that we would do that.

Joy-Anna Duggar has welcomed her third child. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“We’re going to have James mixed in there somewhere,” she continued.

“His name was Edwin James Forsyth, and it was about using his name and honoring him in that way.”

In the end, they went with James as a middle name, so they’re still paying tribute to Austin’s gramps.

Joy-Anna Duggar is ready to welcome her third child. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

And if he were alive, he’d probably be grateful that Joy and Austin didn’t name their son Edwin.

It’s bad enough there’s a kid named Spurgeon in this family!