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To say that Joy-Anna Duggar has a lot on her plate these days would be putting it very mildly.

Joy is currently pregnant with her third child, and she’s got two little ones under the age of six to look after.

(And since Joy is a Duggar, she gets little to no help from her husband when it comes to child-rearing or household chores.)

And through it all, Joy has been sharing regular updates with fans via her YouTube channel.

Joy posted her latest video over the weekend, and fans were quick to take notice of a change in her 5-year-old son’s appearance.

The footage showed Joy’s husband, Austin Forsyth, pulling young Gideon’s loose tooth.

But many commenters pointed out that the boy’s health struggles seemed to go beyond this temporary and easily resolved dental issue.

Many commenters pointed out that Joy’s son appears to be suffering. (Photo via YouTube)

Viewers raised concerns about Gideon’s red eyes and puffy skin in the video.

Joy explained that these were the result of seasonal allergies (tears from having his tooth pulled probably didn’t help), and that the boy will be just fine, but it seems that a lot of folks didn’t get the memo.

“Gideon is a brave little boy. Poor little guy looks so miserable with his allergies. I hope he gets better very soon,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Joy-Anna’s current pregnancy has been a difficult one. (Photo via YouTube)

“Such a big boy Gideon. But his precious eyes and allergies,” a second added.

“Poor Gideon! I have allergies too so I know how crummy they can make you feel,” a third chimed in.

“Poor little guy is really suffering from allergies. Hope he feels better soon,” a fourth offered.

Joy-Anna Duggar is front and center for this selfie, which she posted to Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

“I’m keeping you in my prayers, Joy! Gideon looks miserable with those allergies. I hope he starts to feel better soon!” yet another commented.

“His poor little eyes look so swollen,” still another remarked.

You get the idea.

Joy-Anna Duggar poses here with her husband and two kids. She shared this photo on social media in August of 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

While we’re sure some folks were genuinely worried, many of the comments smacked of “concern-trolling,” the phenomenon in which strangers pretend to be concerned so that they’ll have an excuse to throw passive-aggressive shade.

Anyway, it’s good to see Austin getting involved with the kids in Joy’s latest video.

Because she’s gonna need all the help she can get in the weeks to come.

Joy-Anna Duggar is ready to welcome her third child. (Photo via Instagram)

Joy is expected to give birth to her third child any day now.

Though she has not announced a due date, many commenters noted that she looks very far along in the photo above, which appeared on her Instagram page on Sunday.

Joy’s been very transparent throughout her current pregnancy, so we’re sure she’ll let fans know the moment her newest bundle of joy (no pun intended) enters the world.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted!