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Ahead of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All Part 2, a lot of fans were looking for some clarity.

Unlike some other couples, Jen and Rishi did not seem like bitter exes. They had even teased that they had spoken.

So, on Sunday, they both delivered an update. Or, should we say, updates.

Because Jen and Rishi both had very different ideas about their relationship status. Not opposites, but they were not on the same page.


Kris and Jeymi had not spoken since their last, bitter fight. They had only seethed. Debbie and Oussama had not spoken since their split, despite Oussama’s desperate attempts.

But Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh were another story. Instead of reaching out on social media, they met up in person — at a mutual friend’s wedding.

The sparks were flying. So they did more than talk.


Of course, Rishi was quick to tell everyone at the Tell All that Jen’s breakup with him was merely a “heat of the moment” decision, and no longer real.

Meanwhile, they shared that they had spent a lot of time together after the wedding.

They didn’t move in together. Jen stayed at her hotel, while Rishi continued living at home — with his family.


Jen detailed that Rishi “never spent the night” at her hotel. Of course, Gabe countered by asking “how early did he come over, though?”

It was a smart question. Jen replied that they “were intimate” during her time in India. The two were smiling and blushing. Apparently, the sex was great.

But Jen admitted that she “can’t make him choose between” herself and his family … especially since Rishi will always choose his family. For that, Debbie noted that Rishi “was a coward.”


Debbie and Gabriel both point out how Rishi “talks in circles.” Jen nods in agreement.

At first, she suspects that it could be a language barrier thing. But Gabe disagrees — based upon his own experiences.

He jokes that his “Spanish gets a lot worse” when he doesn’t really want to explain himself.


Daniele asked the question of which is more important to Rishi: his partner or his family?

At first, Rishi did not seem eager to answer. Then, after trying to talk in circles again, he shared that he will “go with my family first.” Yeah. We gathered that.

Nicole asked Rishi where exactly Jen “fits in to this hierarchy” of priorities. Rishi “answered” that Jen and his family are both part of him, likening them to his heart and soul.


So, what is their official status? Jen says that they are not currently engaged.

Yes, she loves him. But she is also very unsure of what the future holds for them.

There are certain things that would have to happen before they could marry, and Jen has no confidence that Rishi will follow through. One example is that he doesn’t want to leave his mother’s house.


Gabe asks Rishi, point blank, if his family knows that he and Jen are engaged. (Because, in Rishi’s mind, they very much are)

Rishi at first says “yes,” but he’s referring to when Randi and Myra revealed that he and Jen were engaged. As in, before the breakup.

Eventually, Rishi coughs out a “Recently? Uh, yeah.” Fun fact! He is lying.


Kris rightly pointed out that Rishi needs to choose.

Will he commit to Jen (as he implied when he proposed), and live with her and love her? Or will he admit that he can never do this, and give her a clean break?

She was totally right. Although it did sound odd coming from the woman who spent five months — however lucrative — away from her new wife.


Randi and Myra stepped out onto the Tell All stage, sharing that it was “news to them” that Jen and Rishi were back together in any capacity.

Myra very bluntly said that it won’t work out, because Rishi’s prioritizing his family … who are decidedly opposed.

Sure, they both understood that she might hook up with her ex. But they didn’t imagine her getting back together with him.


Jeymi chimed in — agreeing with her ex-wife. It was one of very few things on which they were both on the same page.

“Leg go of that umbilical cord,” she advised Rishi, though she phrased it as a question. Debbie agreed, noting that Rishi’s trying for “the best of both worlds.”

And Jen noted that Rishi seems to believe that his family will “come around” on her. Jen might seem like she’s willing to wait, but she claimed that she is not.


By the way, neither of them dated in the six months between their breakup and the wedding where they met up.

Rishi admitted that he received a lot of Instagram attention.

Myra and Randi rehashed the shirtless pic that he’d sent to Randi, but rehashing that conversation went nowhere.


Uncle Gajendra and mom Shimla joined the Tell All, but Rishi’s mom immediately said that Rishi and Jen are only friends.

The translator quickly made it clear to the Tell All that “they’re not even aware” that Jen and Rishi are back together.

So, the translator told them, to which Shimla replied “no, no, no.” Gajendra added that “we do not agree,” as if that is the end of the discussion.


So, this is news to Rishi’s family. Which flies in the face of his lie that his family was aware of his relationsthip status.

Gabe pointed out that Rishi “just lies about everything” when it suits him. Nicole nodded along in agreement.

Rishi was dishonest with Jen and with his family. This is part of a pattern with him.


Rishi then tells his family the news … sort of.

His use of language is so indirect and sneaky that even Mahmoud calls him out.

He tells his mom and uncle that he is “thinking about marrying” Jen. That’s the same as engaged … from a certain point of view.



Jen loves Rishi. She treasures their time together. But this isn’t the first time that Rishi has totally failed to muster any sign of courage.

Repeatedly, Rishi tells everyone what they want to hear instead of the truth. He tries to keep the peace, but it doesn’t solve anything. Jen finds it very annoying.


Daniele had a pretty solid observation.

She pointed out that Rishi tells people one thing but then says another … but his mom did the same thing. At first, she seemed to give Rishi and Jen her blessing, but then withdrew it in private.

Rishi obviously learned this from his mom. It’s a bad habit.


In Rishi’s family’s mind, Jen doesn’t have glaring flaws that they would normally fear.

But she is in her late forties. Rishi is in his mid thirties. The age gap, to them, is a non-starter.

So she said that she will not allow anything beyond a friendship. And, as long as Rishi gives her power over him, that means that they can’t move forward.


Rishi took a second stab at standing up to his mom, this time telling his mom that he loves her but also loves Jen.

That’s … not exactly defiance or bravery.

“I gotta be honest,” Jen said when she heard the translation. “This is super frustrating.”


Finally, the third time was the charm. Rishi told him that he is “going to marry” Jen — whether they approve or not.

Tremendous progress. And it only took … nearly four years after he proposed? Rishi’s mom was still arguing that this cannot happen, while Jen worried that it’s just talk.

Backstage, Tim and Veronica theorized that Rishi would immediately call his mom to apologize during the break. Unless we see evidence to the contrary, we share their — and Jen’s — skepticism.