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Debbie Aguero reacted in horror and heartbreak after Oussama demanded a US visa, revealing his true intentions.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 star didn’t want to marry Debbie and live in Morocco as they planned. He wanted to go to the United States, and he blurted it all out to her in an angry rant.

Debbie fled to a hotel for the night. On the Sunday, May 7 episode, Oussama comes to speak to her.

This is Debbie’s opportunity to tell the “cold-blooded snake” that it’s over. And she doesn’t pass it up. Take a look:


Oussama needs to sort out his priorities.

In this sneak peek of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4, Episode 14, Debbie is calling him out for focusing only on a US visa.

Debbie reminds him that she is building “a life” with him, there in Morocco, just like they planned. But Oussama had other plans.


Debbie laments that Oussama is not viewing the big picture.

Instead, he seems to have tunnel vision, as if he were wearing horse blinders.

Oussama has latched onto the idea that he only has a future in the US, not in Morocco. And he’ll use Debbie to secure his future … if she’ll let him.


“You didn’t talk about the marriage,” Debbie then accuses him.

True. Oussama has not expressed anything resembling romantic interest in Debbie. Instead of talk of wedding plans, he informed her that she “will” take him to the US, where he will work and sell art.

“We talk about the plan; why you mix this thing with this thing?” Oussama then demands.


“Because the most important thing and the most sacred thing is marriage and love,” Debbie expresses.

“Love can conquer anything,” she emphasizes. It sounds like she is offering him an undeserved second chance.

“But you don’t have enough strong love,” Debbie laments. “So you never had unconditional love for me.”


“You never believe in my love,” Oussama accuses. In other words, he wants her to take her at his word that he loves her … all evidence to the contrary.

“What do you think made me come all the way to Morocco?” Debbie fires back.

Yeah, someone uprooting their entire (comfortable) life to come live with you probably doesn’t deserve questions about whether they’re giving this relationship their all.


“I loved you but you didn’t accept it,” Oussama then accuses.

But Debbie explains that if he’s withholding love and affection until she meets his list of demands, it doesn’t feel like authentic love.

“Your love is conditional,” Debbie points out.


“I can only love Debbie if she brings me to the United States,” she then characterizes Oussama’s attitude.

“This is your opinion, not mine,” he replies.

“That’s what you’re saying!” Debbie points out, the frustration and hurt apparent in her voice.


This is when things get really interesting. Because, to Debbie, Oussama’s sudden changes in plans — he has done this more than once — signal bad intentions an a lack of genuine love.

However, to Oussama, her reactions to these are emotionally manipulative.

In his mind, her accusations that he doesn’t really love her are extra drama, and they upset him.


So, in Oussama’s mind, his abrupt changes in plans should not make Debbie say that she doubts his love for her.

Even if, you know, his demands of her certainly make it sound like he just sees her as a stepping stone to his future as a self-sustaining career artist in Georgia.

He thinks that Debbie is just being dramatic, and it’s making him upset.


“Love, for me, is something holy,” Oussama tells the camera.

He sees Debbie’s responses as being very different.

“It makes me love her less,” Oussama tells the camera. Wow.

It is possible that there is a miscommunication happening here.

Because they are both hurting each other’s feelings. Oussama hurts Debbie with angry visa demands that they never discussed, and Debbie hurts Oussama by doubting his (dubious) feelings.

But even with all of the shady editing in the world, something is seriously weird about all of this.


Oussama reiterates why Debbie simply must take him to the United States.

He says that art and poetry are both “dying” in Morocco, that he only has a future in America.

In other words, instead of reassuring Debbie that he loves her, he’s once again talking about his career dreams.


“You don’t know squat, man,” Debbie tells OUssama.

“I’m going to go on without you and I’m going to forge a new path,” she announces.

With that, Debbie stands up and walks away. Honestly? Good for her. But we have a sneaking suspicion that this is not the end.