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During last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Yohan humiliated Daniele on purpose while meeting her friend, Taylen.

Why did he do it? To make her uncomfortable. It seemed like his own twisted way of punishing her for not doing what he wanted.

So, on this upcoming episode, it’s time for the husband and wife to have a very serious conversation.

Can they come to a mature understanding as a couple? Or is this the end?

Since long before their 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way debut, Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo have struggled to respect each other.

They have a lot of sexual chemistry and mutual attraction and affection. But respect? Not so much.

As this sneak peek clip, which you can watch below, begins, Yohan laments that Daniele doesn’t respect his wishes. In this case, his desire for her to not meet up with her friend.

Yohan does not like that Daniele wants to “do everything her way.”

So, sitting on a beach and looking deceptively chill for the conversation that they’re having, they talk about it.

Yohan asks his wife very directly: “What kind of relationship do you want?”

Daniele actually has an answer to that. And it goes to the heart of their latest conflict.

“One with trust, first of all,” she answers.

Yohan’s issue with Daniele being friends with Taylen do seem to have their roots in distrust.

She doesn’t stop there, either.

Daniele goes on to elaborate: “When I say something, you need to believe it.”

In other words, Yohan should know that his wife is not going to lie or cheat on her. If he doesn’t know and believe that in his heart, then why are they married?

Yohan’s objection is simply that she does things that he does not like, even knowing that he does not like them.

But Daniele then replies with a very solid point. Not a perfect point, but solid.

She reasons that Yohan’s dislikes and grievances are his problem. In other words, these are his feelings to analyze and process.

As such, Daniele believes that Yohan’s emotional hangups don’t need to change her behavior.

They are both deeply stubborn people.

And they clearly both know it.

They take turns asking each other if the other can change.

The answer? No.

In fact, Daniele reminds Yohan that she is who she is — and would not want to change her identity for any reason.

But Daniele clearly wants Yohan to change — albeit, less dramatically.

It’s not that she doesn’t want him to, say, stop having friends. But she would like for him to be more chill about her having friends.

To Yohan, and perhaps for cultural reasons (at least in part), Daniele’s willingness to do what she wants feels like a lack of respect for him.

Daniele wants to emphasize that she respects him a lot.

(There is some truth to that … but the two of them have a lot of mutual disrespect, as we have reported for some time)

But there is a line between respect and obedience. Daniele wants to embrace the former, but never the latter. That is not unreasonable.

But things like Yohan giving her “permission” to have friends don’t go well. They still have major problems, even with simple things like communication.

“Forget it,” Daniele says, switching to English. “I’m done.” And she means it — because, as Yohan keeps trying to talk, she refuses to engage.

“Enough,” she repeatedly says. “Leave me alone. … When I said I’m done, I meant I’m done.”

This dispute means that she has no idea what the future holds.

Since arriving in the DR, she has found herself in constant fights with this “angry, jealous man who believes ‘his woman’ is violating some unwritten law.”

It’s make or break time for their marriage.