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Earlier this month, Christine Brown announced her engagement to David Woolley.

Ysabel cheered on her mom’s news on social media. Gwendlyn did the same, adding her own happy commentary.

And yet Paedon, who seemingly always has something to say, did not.

His silence isn’t just a case of being busy or only offering private congratulations. Paedon doesn’t approve — and “never” will.

brown, paedon
Many Sister Wives stars are outspoken. In the case of Paedon Brown, his public comments have drawn comparisons among fans to his father. It’s not flattering. (Image Credit: Instagram)

According to what an inside source tells The US Sun, Paedon Brown won’t ever congratulate his mom on her engagement. Not publicly, and not privately.

“All of Christine’s kids have been super supportive,” the insider pointed out.

The source then acknowledged the obvious: “except for Paedon.”

Yes, FIANCE! David Woolley has popped the question to Christine Brown and she has said YES.

“Paedon never supports this kind of stuff,” the insider characterized.

“He doesn’t support much of anything,” the source then hilariously commented.

“So,” the insider reasoned, “it’s not surprising” that he’s not cheering on his mom as she finds new happiness.

Paedon Brown is featured here on YouTube, opening WAY up about his dad and the sister wives in general.

“It’s not to say that two, three years from now he’ll change his mind,” the source suggested.

“But for now,” the insider added, “he’s made his feelings clear.”

That might sound painful. However, the source emphasized that Christine “doesn’t take it to heart” that her son doesn’t support her happiness.

Christine Brown and then-boyfriend David Woolley smile here for the camera while on vacation in Utah.

How exactly does she take this in stride?

“She understands that she might get differing opinions,” the insider explained.

“But,” the source went on to add, “she doesn’t care.”

We’re up close and rather personal with Christine Brown in this close up of the veteran Sister Wives star.

The insider affirmed: “It’s her life and she’s doing what makes her happy.” Clearly!

“Collectively, her kids just want the best for their mom,” the source stressed.

“And,” the insider then assured, “they’re going to love her no matter what.”

Christine Brown and David Woolley just seem to happy together. And we are SO happy for them!

Obviously, plenty of Sister Wives fans have opinions about Christine’s engagement.

She and David have only known each other for a limited time. She has barely returned to the dating world before this engagement. And before this, she was in a relationship so long-term that she had never been single at a time when cell phones were commonplace.

But wondering if something will work out as some anonymous fan is not the same as being close family and refusing to congratulate her.

Paedon B
Paedon Brown looks into the camera here and talks about his polarizing father, Kody Brown.

None of this is doing anything to alter Paedon’s public image. Though he has fans, a lot of people have condemned him for … not being a great person. We don’t just mean Sister Wives fans, but his own family members.

“He is still the sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, violent abuser that he has always been for several years,” Gwendlyn said of her brother, just a few months ago.

She added: “He’s the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing, and I would strongly advise taking anything he says as fact.” Strong words … but not surprising, given some of Paedon’s public outbursts in the past.