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This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been so contentious that even attempts to make peace have had explosive results.

One of the major talking points among the cast is whether Luis Ruelas is influencing Teresa Giudice — and how.

This week, we finally moved on from Luis coming between Teresa and her brother.

Instead, we heard all about how he had effed things up between Teresa and her longtime friend, Dina Manzo.

An emotional Teresa Giudice laments her husband’s hurt feelings while on a video call. (Image Credit: Bravo)

During The Season 13, Episode 9 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw two stories in parallel.

Teresa Giudice hopped onto a call with Danielle Cabral, opening up to her about an incident involving Luis, her husband, allegedly breaking down into tears.

As it turns out, her brother, Joe Gorga, has also heard about this. And so has Melissa. They’re taking it a little less seriously.

Joe Gorga is well aware of his sister’s perception … but he believes that he’s not the one causing relationship problems. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Instead, Joe wants to talk about how he believes that Luis has “f–ked up” more relationships for Teresa than just these family bonds.

He is talking about Dina Manzo, who has been a longtime friend of Teresa’s.

And it has ties to their pizza dispute. To the point where Joe even invoked the “pizza gate” name (though that is really … in poor taste, considering the dangerous conspiracy theorists behind the non-Gorga pizzagate).

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga speak excitedly about the family squabble on The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Image Credit: Bravo)

“Dina’s husband, David [Cantin], called me because I’m friendly with David,” Joe explained in a confessional.

According to Joe, David and Luis had gotten into an argument over business.

They clashed, and the result was a tragic falling out between Teresa and Dina.

According to Joe Gorga, his brother-in-law has been sabotaging his sister’s relationships … at best, accidentally. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“And it f–ked up another relationship in Teresa’s life,” Joe characterized.

Despite her open hostilities, Teresa Giudice seems to regret this conflict with her remaining family. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“That’s why I look at Louie like, ‘Shut up,'” Joe complained passionately to his wife during the episode.

“I don’t want Louie being fake and faking with everybody,” he expressed.

Joe noted that Luis does this simply “because he just wants everybody to be nice with them.”

Is Luis Ruelas just a guy trying his best, or is he a manipulator? Some wonder if it’s a little of both. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“Because no, be real,” Joe demanded. His anger and distress were both apparent and palpable.

“He wants to help everybody, comes in like he’s God,” he characterized.

Joe then accused: “You’re [not] doing s–t.” 

Clearly, Joe Gorga has identified the person whom he blames for tearing apart their family. (Image Credit: Bravo)

During the same episode, we learned that Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania were both part of Teresa’s upcoming bridal party.

They would be her bridesmaids during her wedding to Luis.

Of course, this factored into the episode’s discussions … and not only because the wedding is reasonably central to the existing conflicts.

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania learned that they were part of the same bridal party. (Image Credit: Bravo)

See, according to Melissa’s theory, Teresa only asked Dolores to be a bridesmaid after Dina Manzo declined.

“Dolores was not even invited to the engagement party. Why? Because Dina was,” Melissa reasoned.

“I hear Louie and Dina’s man have an argument over business, these two are no longer friends. All of a sudden, it’s like, ‘Dolores, I was meditating ….’” Melissa continued. “So convenient, that meditation moment.” Ooh, snark.