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Selena Gomez has been a very hot topic in recent weeks. And though there’s been plenty of drama, all that she has done is live her life.

Well, live her life and win.

Selena hasn’t done anything to cause Justin and Hailey Bieber’s marital issues. She did nothing to invite the weird shade and one-sided feuding.

Fortunately, haters aren’t the only ones obsessed with her. She recently celebrated a jaw-dropping 400 million followers on Instagram. And that number has already gone up.

Having deleted this once before, Selena Gomez reposted this eye-popping thirst trap on Instagram in February 2023 while announcing a hiatus. Power move. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Selena Gomez is a singular talent. In recent years, she has stunned audiences on Hulu’s critically acclaimed Only Murders In The Building.

And, while her era of Disney stardom gave birth to multiple household names, Selana was already acting others into oblivion on Wizards of Waverly Place.

First and foremost, however, she is one of the most monumentally talented singers in history. It’s not just that she has a lot of bops. Some of her music is downright transcendent.

When Selena Gomez uploaded a “normal” makeup-free selfie to social media, she followed it up with a fun, expressive snap. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

However, just a few weeks ago, Selena made headlines for a milestone that had nothing to do with hit songs or pivotal on-screen performances.

Instead, she reclaimed her rightful place as Instagram’s most-followed woman — amassing a whopping 381 million followers and dethroning Kylie Jenner. (There are two accounts with more followers, but neither are women or based in the US)

And the once and future Queen of Instagram didn’t stop amassing followers there. Those numbers have climbed dramatically in just a few weeks.

“Wishing I could hug all 400 million of you,” Selena captioned a recent, celebratory post. She was celebrating her fans … but it was more specific than that.

That number, 400 million? That’s not random. That is her actual follower count on Instagram.

Or rather, it was. As of Monday, March 20, that count has climbed to 401 million. That’s another million followers in just one day.

Is there no end to her power? Let us hope not. Because Selena is a force for good.

She uses her platform to spread positivity and awareness, to educate and inform. Plus, you know, some general good vibes.

Despite that, there are some twisted people out there who — for some reason — dislike her. Or, in some cases, seem torn between resenting her and desperately seeking to become her.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin are squashing the rumors! The stars recently posed for a pic!

Despite a number of olive branches and attempts to diffuse the situation, Selena seems to have a stalker: Hailey Bieber.

Admittedly, “stalker” sounds awfully dramatic. No one is accusing Hailey of rummaging through Selena’s trash or spying through her windows.

But many on social media are calling it this, because they feel creeped out. To be blunt, it seems like Hailey badly wishes to copy Selena.

Hailey Baldwin Reveals Wedding Photo
Hailey Baldwin Bieber took to Instagram to share this photo from her wedding to Justin Bieber, and they both look beautiful.

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber’s behavior — especially in 2018 — made it seem like Hailey was his “backup love.” That’s what it looked like from the outside, anyway.

Just months after dating and desperately trying to woo Selena into marrying him, he reconnected with a different ex. Within weeks, he asked Hailey to marry him, and she said yes.

It is not Selena’s fault that Hailey feels like she’s forever living in her shadow. And it’s not Hailey’s fault that she has such a complex about this. Justin brought this on. That said, Hailey could avoid copying Selena’s every move — from businesses to social media posts to outfits to tattoos. Maybe she could talk to a professional about this.