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Early this year, Bravo higher-ups removed Brandi Glanville from Ultimate Girls Trip, sending her home from Morocco after two alleged “lewd” incidents.”

One, the one that matters, apparently involved Caroline Manzo. And, allegedly, unwanted and inappropriate touching.

All that the world has heard from Brandi is that she wants Bravo to release the audio instead of sitting on exculpatory evidence until the season airs.

For the first time since the incident, Caroline herself is speaking publicly.

Appearing on New York Live, Caroline Manzo mostly wanted to discuss her cooking show. Mostly. (Image Credit: New York Live)

Caroline Manzo appeared as a guest on New York Live, where the host obviously touched upon whatever may have happened in Morocco.

“I can’t say much,” Caroline began.

But she hastily clarified that this is “only because it’s not good for my headspace.”

“But,” Caroline went on, “it took a lot for me to go back there.”

She said that, referring to returning to the franchise following about a decade-long hiatus.

Caroline appeared on five seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She walked away in 2013.

Brandi Glanville Would Like a Glass of Water
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills guest star Brandi Glanville is suddenly parched and anxious to speak up.

Still, Peacock managed to win her over, convincing her to join Season 4 of Ultimate Girls Trip.

Caroline explained that she signed on with only the “best of intentions.”

And she had “the highest of hopes to do something fun” during the group trip to Morocco.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me that way,” Caroline lamented.

She kept things vague, saying only that she “came home early.”

That she certainly did. Caroline and Brandi left Morocco around the same time. Their respective contexts for departure were very different.

“At this point, I just truly don’t have the space in my head to talk about it, so I’d rather not,” Caroline explained.

“But I would imagine it would unfold on the series when it airs,” she predicted.

Caroline then added: “And there’ll be a lot said then.” We certainly have similar expectations.

Brandi Glanville Makes a Reveal
Brandi Glanville reveals to her Real Housewives friends here that she slept with Denise Richards. HAWT, right????

So, to understate things dramatically, did Caroline’s experience returning to reality TV turn out to be a positive experience?

“It didn’t,” she confirmed. “It didn’t.”

And we remain sorry to hear that. Interestingly, there are a few things that we did not hear from Caroline in that interview.

First and foremost, she did not mention Brandi Glanville. At all. Not in a positive, negative, or neutral capacity.

According to reports, she and Brandi appeared to be having a good time at the party, then Caroline later expressed some sort of displeasure over how Brandi may or may not have touched her while kissing at the party.

Reportedly, Brandi later learned that Caroline was unhappy and sent her an apology of some kind, or at least touched base. Without Caroline describing her thoughts, it is unclear how she felt at that time.

Brandi Glanville on TV
Brandi Glanville is pictured here on an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Caroline also made no mention of sexual misconduct. She clearly is avoiding talking about all of this. It could be because of trauma or it could be because she is under contract.

In other words, maybe she is accusing Brandi of serious wrongdoing. Or maybe she would like to clear Brandi’s name, but cannot without approval from producers.

The truth may lie somewhere in between. Peacock seems intent upon sitting upon all of their footage and evidence until this season airs. That is unfortunate.

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