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Early this year, many 90 Day Fiance fans breathed a collective sigh of relief after Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi split after three years of marriage.

It was great while it lasted. Not the marriage — that was a toxic, abusive nightmare. The breakup was great.

Tragically, the two have put aside their differences and reconciled.

Angela and Michael are back together. Heaven help us all.

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An inside source confirmed this nightmarish news with a statement to In Touch Weekly on Wednesday, March 8.

“Yes, I can confirm they are back together again,” the insider dished.

“Michael did cheat on her,” the source then confirmed. “And Angela got back with him.” 

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In case you missed it, we reported on their erstwhile, short-but-sweet split earlier this year.

The news broke on January 31. At the time, the two were “not together.”

At the time, fans of the franchise had just watched the two on the Tell All special for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7. And things were not looking good for their marriage.

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The main topic of contention at that time was Michael messaging another woman.

This was a younger American woman. Angela saw screenshots, which one has to assume that the woman herself sent. Some of Michael’s messages to her were sent from his shared hotel bed while Angela was not in the room.

Cheating is not okay. What Michael should have done was break up with Angela and then start this new relationship. Normally, we would add an “or stay with his wife without cheating.” Not in this case, though that is tragically what he has chosen to do.

A more pressing concern to many of the season’s viewers was an on-screen escalation of Angela’s abuse of Michael.

For years, we watched with horror as Angela verbally and emotionally abused her fiance and then husband.

Watching her physically attack him on camera confirmed what many feared (and suspected), that Angela was also physically abusive. And that TLC and Sharp apparently had no qualms about continuing to showcase an abuser on camera so long as she remained profitable.

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After the Tell All, however, the two reconciled. That special filmed in September of 2022. A couple of months later, Angela was back in Nigeria.

A fan (yes, they exist) even spotted her and Michael out shopping.

Later, Angela made it clear on social media that she and Michael were still trying to make their nightmarish marriage (nightmarriage?) work.

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A Twitter user by the name of Haneefah Adam spotted and photographed married 90 Day Fiance stars Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi. The tweet dates to November 11, 2022. (Image Credit: Twitter)

This would seem to suggest that Michael and Angela ran into yet another rough patch early this year.

Given that they reportedly filmed for an unannounced 90 Day Fiance spinoff in the Florida Keys around the time of the split, it may be that their “couples counseling” on camera led to a breakthrough. And a breakup.

We might eventually learn some version of what happened. Most likely, whatever version of events Angela wants to tell.

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We are of course heartbroken to hear that Michael and Angela are back together.

Heartbroken, but not surprised.

Michael, like everyone else, does not deserve to be a victim of abuse — least of all from his spouse.