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It’s pretty safe to say that Loren Brovarnik’s parents are against the Israel move idea. Adamantly so.

On Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days this season, the family trip to Israel has led to increased family tensions.

Even if Loren’s parents are right, they’ve been going about this all wrong. But … they may have some points.

For example? Loren depends on her parents for childcare a lot. And, as you can see in the video below, they made that point loud and clear this week.

On this week’s episode, Loren Brovarnik was taking steps to prepare for a potential move to Israel.

She and her husband, Alexei, have discussed the idea of living there for several years. This would mean that all three of their children would also live there for several years.

Her parents have strongly objected. Not just balked, but got into heated and insulting yelling matches over it.

Anyway, Loren’s desire to at least prepare for this hypothetical-yet-possible move to Israel includes (gasp) learning about where sh emight live.

So Loren has been taking Hebrew lessons, while in Israel, to bring her language skills up to speed.

But Loren has kids. She and Alexei are both busy doing things on this family trip. How can she make time to attend class?

Naturally, Loren needed a babysitter for her boys ahead of attending her Hebrew lesson.

But, as she revealed during the episode, her parents declined. They outright refused to babysit their own grandbabies.

And, clearly, it was not for a lack of interest in spending time with Shai and Asher. (At the time when this season filmed, Loren had not yet given birth to Ariel)

In the scene, Loren is updating Alexei and the cameras about her parents’ refusal and what their motives clearly are.

“I feel like my parents are intentionally saying no right now to watching the kids and helping us,” she speculates.

Loren adds that this is simply because “because they’re angry at us and it’s very hard.”

“Honestly, yes we have fought over the years,” Loren acknowledges about her dynamic with her mother, Marlene, and her father, Bryan.

“But,” Loren emphasizes, “we’ve never gotten to this point.”

That may be because Loren has never considered spending half a decade on another continent to raise her kids there before.

Loren shared that even her sister refused to throw her a lifeline.

Rebecca clearly wants to give Loren a preview of what it will be like to cut herself off from her support system.

That is, after all, what Loren’s loved ones have been reminding her (if not doing a great job of communicating in a healthy manner) since she brought this up.

“She just asked if we would be available — I said ‘We love our time with the boys and I wouldn’t trade that for anything, but we can’t help you out this time,’” Marlene reported to Bryan.

The family has been saying that Loren needs a “dose of reality.” Because living in another country is not like going on a family vacation to it.

As Marlene explains: “Obviously I want my family to be whole again, but that’s up to Loren and Alex.”