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Viewers already knew that things would get so ugly on this week’s Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days.

The previews did not lie — not this time.

If anything, the promos understated how painful the family trip to Israel had become.

After so much discussion about a possible move, Loren’s parents soon snapped and lashed out.

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On this week’s episode of Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days, tensions rose and, frankly, exploded.

Loren Brovarnik’s parents, Marlene and Bryan, continued to weigh in on the idea of the couple moving themselves and their small children to Israel.

The setting was a cookout — one with Alexei’s family, who of course live in Israel.

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Marlene shared her concerns with Alexei’s friend, Dmitry. To be fair, she was answering a question about how she feels.

“The thought of them picking up and moving halfway around the world,” she began.

Marlene admitted that “I don’t think you want to know what I really think about it.”

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Dmitry earnestly wanted to know her thought. So she told him.

“I think it could be very scary,” Marlene suggested.

“And,” she then added, “I don’t know if Loren can endure that.”

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Alexei’s mother advised Marlene to “trust Loren and Alexei” to try out living in Israel.

This is when Loren’s father, Bryan, stepped in.

Like Marlene, he has major issues with the idea. And he was no longer willing to mince words about his objections.

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“I have kept my mouth shut this whole time,” Bryan characterized.

“I am not for it,” he stated. “Period.”

Bryan then noted that “Nothing you can say will change my mind.”

Loren asked why. Her father hesitated to explain, merely noting that he has “many reasons.”

“Then let’s hear it,” Loren suggested.

With unthinkable rudeness, Bryan then snapped: “Then shut up.”

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Loren recoiled — understandably — and turned to face her husband.

Alexei told Bryan: “We’re not that aggressive yet.”

“We are this aggressive,” Bryan retorted. “We’ve been aggressive this whole week.”

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Bryan spoke to the confessional camera about why he snapped.

“It got old. It got old hearing the move, the move, the move,” he complained.

Bryan added that he “felt trapped. There was no way to go, so I kinda snapped at him. I had to stop it. Enough is enough.”

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“Again out of nowhere, this escalated to something it didn’t need to be,” Loren lamented during her own confessional.

Loren oddly explained to her parents that the possible move to Israel could be “best for us as a couple.”

“You asked my opinion of this. I’m giving it,” Bryan noted.

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Marlene then chimed in with: “He’s entitled to feel the way that he feels.”

“I understand that. It’s just, I’m listening, listening and listening,” Alexei replied.

He then added that “once you say something that is wrong, I’m gonna intervene.”

Marlene objected to the idea that Bryan’s opinion could be “wrong.”

Meanwhile, Bryan told Alexei that “you push your opinion out a lot.”

Loren told her parents that this could help their children develop “their character, their strength.”

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But Marlene and Bryan think that this is about Loren lacking both — and doing whatever her husband desires.

“I have seen where she will say, ‘Alright, let’s just do what you want,” Marlene then cited

“Because it’s not worth a fight for me, and he does the same thing with me,” Loren countered.

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“Why do you always give up on yourself?” Marlene asked her daughter.

Loren stood her ground, lamenting: “I really think that you guys underestimate me as a person.”

She then listed: “I think you underestimate my strength.” That would be difficult to dispute.

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“I think you underestimate my choices that are right for me and my family,” Loren expressed. “And I think you don’t give me enough credit because you’re not with us all the time.”

“My parents think I’m a doormat and have no backbone and I’m not capable of doing this move. It’s hurtful,” Loren told the confessional camera.

“I can’t believe after all these years, like, ‘What do I have to prove to my parents?'” Loren then asked. “‘Why do I have to continue to prove myself to them?’ It sucks.”