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Prior to this week, most Teen Mom fans had probably never heard of Catelynn Lowell’s half-sister, Sarah Haviland.

But these days, Sarah is an inescapable presence in the Teen Mom-centric corners of the internet.

On Monday, Sarah criticized Catelynn and MTV for their treatment of her mother, April.

Sarah says that Catelynn and the network that made her famous drove April to drink, and then delighted in falsely portraying her as an alcoholic for ratings.

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Obviously, that’s a pretty serious claim.

And for her next act, Haviland is lobbing allegations that could be even more devastating to her sister’s personal life.

Rumors that Tyler Baltierra is a closeted homosexual have been around for years, and neither Tyler nor Catelynn seem particularly bothered by them.

But Sarah is taking things a step further by alleging that Tyler has been living a double life and dividing his time between Catelynn and his secret boyfriend who lives in Arizona.

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra pose for a cute photo together on their 15th anniversary.

“Everybody says that Tyler’s gay and I swear by it. I swear Tyler is gay,” Sarah said in a recent Instagram Live, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“And the only reason that I say that is that he had this friend in Arizona and he never wanted Catelynn to come to Arizona to go see this guy,” Haviland continued.

“And then he was on his Instagram talking about babies and sh-t, like commenting on his stuff.”

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Tyler Baltierra shared this enticing update on his body transformation. With his shirt on, his arms stand out even more than usual. (Image Credit: Instagram)

On Tyler’s Instagram page, a fan asked him about the “secret man in Arizona” situation.

Shortly thereafter, Tyler responded with an Instagram Live of his own.

“Guys, what the f–k,” he said with a laugh.

“You can’t make this sh-t up guys. You know what I’m saying?”

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Tyler Baltierra is pictured here on an episode of Teen Mom OG from the year 2020. (Photo via MTV)

Baltierra concluded by suggesting that he expects nothing more from his troublesome sister-in-law:

“Is this something new that she said because I don’t really watch her. I ain’t paying attention to all that. Oh my God, guys. I’m dead,” Tyler laughed.

In the comments on his post, fans were overwhelmingly supportive:

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Tyler Baltierra says he and Catelynn Lowell’s unique situations resulted in some unique challenges over the years. But he credits his kids with helping him through. (Photo via Instagram)

“Wow, it’s always good when someone shows their true colors. At least Catelynn and Tyler now know who she really is,” one follower wrote.

“With sisters like that who needs enemies…goodness gracious,” a second added.

“The way he laughed and brushed her off #unbothered,” a third chimed in.

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Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra and Nova and Vaeda, their girls, in a touching photo honoring Father’s Day – their first as a family of four! (Photo via Instagram)

“Tyler’s sexuality is none of anyone’s business. Sad that her sister is stooping so low,” a fourth fan observed.

Needless to say, Sarah’s smear campaign is gaining much traction.

Say what you will about Tyler and Catelynn — they’ve never been known to keep many secrets from the public, and Sarah will have a very hard time convincing their fans otherwise!