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It’s been over a year since Josh Duggar was convicted on child pornography charges.

Duggar has spent much of that time at the facility that will be his home until at least 2033 — Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution.

The prison was chosen by the sentencing judge because of its renowned treatment program for sex offenders.

But now, Seagoville and its staff are making headlines due to allegations of gross negligence.

Josh Duggar might soon be back in court for his appeal. (Photo via Getty)

Yes, according to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Seagoville is at the center of multiple lawsuits, with inmates accusing staff of failing to meet their basic needs.

One inmate, who filed suit in June, says that he’s seeking financial compensation for “all the suffering that occurred by the gross negligence of the staff at this institution.”

The inmate listed several instances as evidence of his claim, including one in which he “was assaulted with a lock by an inmate who was paid by other inmates to do the assaulting.”

Josh’s arrest marked the beginning of the end of the Duggar’s media empire.

The inmate alleges that he was placed in protective custody after the incident, but was later re-released into the prison’s general population, despite the fact that he was “in fear of his life.”

That suit has reportedly been dismissed due to the inmate’s failure to fill out a necessary questionnaire, but Seagoville staff still are not off the hook.

Another inmate has now filed suit, this one claiming that the prison failed to meet his medical needs.

Josh Duggar smiles in one of his many, many mug shots.

The inmate has accused Seagoville staff of “failure to provide [his] prescribed medication for 31 days while he was confined in the special housing unit at the total mercy of BOP staff.”

The suit was filed in October and it could go to court as early as next month.

What does all of this mean to Josh, who was transferred to Seagoville last year?

big josh
Josh Duggar won’t be taking any selfies for a very, very long time. (Photo via Instagram)

Well, probably not a whole lot.

Life behind prison walls doesn’t change very often, and Josh’s day-to-day existence will probably look more or less the same for the next decade.

The lawsuits come on the heels of a situation in which over seventy percent of the staff at Seagoville were infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar
Josh’s wife Anna has maintained her belief in his innocence. (Photo via Instagram)

In that situation, as well, Seagoville staff were accused of failure to meet the basic needs of the facility’s inmates.

Despite all of this, we don’t think Josh will be receiving much in the way of sympathy from the press or public.

He remains accused of some truly monstrous crimes, and he’ll spend the next decade behind bars, either at Seagoville or some other facility.

a josh pic
Josh Duggar will hopefully be locked uo for a very long time. (Photo via Instagram)

Some people say the sentence isn’t nearly long enough.

Those people are almost certainly correct.