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On the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All special Part 3, we finally heard from Jenny and Sumit.

The two have a long-lasting relationship that has overcome major external hurdles.

Even so, they still have real struggles ahead of them. Their biggest issue remains Sumit’s toxic family.

During Part 3, Sumit’s father surprised everyone with good news. It’s growth. But there’s also a catch. …

Even before Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh had their time in the Tell All spotlight, her relationship came up.

Backstage, she very honestly commented that Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ toxic, twisted relationship did not “make sense” to her. (Relatable)

Ed, who cannot handle criticism any better than he can handle being in a relationship, flipped out about it and went on the attack. He was so rude about it that even Jovi Dufren had to put him in his place.

When the Tell All finally gets to Jenny and Sumit, Shaun asks about their time apart. Jenny is filming in New York, and Sumit is home in India.

They miss each other, but Jenny does not feel concerned about what he might be up to back home. Because they’re normal married adults.

Jenny even adds that he can go out and drink with his buddies if he wants to, she just hopes that he won’t do anything in excess. Normal and reasonable.

“You should never have said that to your aunt,” Jenny told Sumit about his alleged plans to have a kid.

The two of them met in 2011. Sumit knew, even then, that Jenny was done having kids and did not want any more.

And Jenny also pointed out that the idea wasn’t feasible. Even if the conjured a child out of thin air, Jenny would be the one doing the parenting. Sumit has no experience and (by his own choice) a full workload.

But Jenny knows that Sumit was telling his family whatever they wanted to hear, in an effort to ease tensions.

However, some of her castmates wondered if perhaps he is also doing this to her.

A couple of them — like Ed and Shaeeda — wondered if Sumit secretly wants to have a child. That said, not everyone wants kids.

Angela tells Jenny and Sumit what she tells Michael — that there will be “plenty of time when I’m dead and gone.” What?

Jenny reacted to the weird expression like anyone would.

Besides, it’s not that Sumit wants to wait until Jenny dies and have kids. Even when he was 23, he didn’t want that life.

Sumit’s brother, sister-in-law, and father — Amit, Shree, and Anil — all joined the Tell All. His mother did not.

Things seem to be better right now with most of the family. A lot of interactions with Sumit are almost “normal,” even when it comes to his toxic mom.

But his family tells Shaun that they felt “a little betrayed” about his secret marriage.

After a few moments of hesitation, Anil announces that Sumit and Jenny “have blessings from me.”

Maybe that’s the same thing as their marriage having his blessing, maybe it’s not. It’s hard to say.

But he affirms that “we are happy with the happiness of our son.”

If things are improving for Sumit and his family, does this mean that Jenny is welcome to family gatherings with her in-laws?

Well … no. Sumit’s mom coordinates everything, and she doesn’t want to see Jenny. So she doesn’t invite her. But that’s not a problem.

Jenny says that this is okay and works well for her, adding: “I’d rather just stay home where I’m safe.” Sumit goes, she gets some free time. Meanwhile, several cast members don’t get why Jenny is so unwelcome to begin with.

What about the plans to move to the US? Well, Jenny wants him to see her home and culture, but it has to be his choice.

Even if she could, she wouldn’t “force” her husband to make a move like that. She is also not going to leave him behind and move on her own. After this visit, she’s returning to India.

Sumit expressed an openness to visiting America and hanging out with Jenny’s family. But moving? He’s not ready for that one.