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Last week, extremely misguided “fans” who wanted to make themselves the center of a narrative sent police to Britney Spears’ house.

Britney was fine — she had simply deactivated her Instagram, as she’s done before. Unlike too many victims of “wellness checks,” Britney remained fine even after the police visit.

The encounter left Britney feeling “gaslit and bullied.” And people claiming to support her were the culprits.

Now, Britney is opening up about how much trolls have harmed her. It started long before the “prank” calls to police.

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Britney Spears rocks a sizable hat in this pic. (Photo via Instagram)

Over the weekend, Britney Spears took to Twitter to address her fans … and others who follow her.

“I shut down my Instagram,” she explained, “because there were too many people” insulting her.

Britney noted that these trolls were “saying I looked like an idiot dancing and that I looked crazy.”

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Britney shoots a seductive gaze at the camera. (Photo via Instagram)

All of that would be hateful even if Britney had not been the victim of a horrific conservatorship that only ended just over a year ago.

“Honestly I was doing my best,” Britney noted.

“But it disturbed me to see people freely talk about it on TV,” she noted. Britney then confessed that “Yep, it hurt my feelings.”

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On Saturday, January 28, Britney Spears tweeted an explanation for how “fan” harassment drove her from Instagram. (Image Credit: Twitter)

“I’m sensitive,” Britney acknowledged.

“And,” she continued, “honestly I would rather take a break and do my ice cream diet anyway…”

Speaking of the aforementioned diet, Britney commented: “I know I thought it was a joke too … but it’s not … it works … surprisingly enough !!!”

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“I’m shocked as hell that when I took my Instagram down fans got worried and sent the cops to my house,” Britney wrote.

“It really was uncalled for,” she understated. As we noted, if she were not wealthy, white, and famous in an affluent area, the results could have been deadly.

“l adore my fans,” Britney affirmed. “But for those who did that aren’t real fans.”

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Britney Spears visited Vegas over the weekend. And seems the trip brought back some painful memories for the pop icon.

“And,” Britney then expressed, “I honestly felt like it was a way to make me look bad !!!”

There have been very deliberate smear campaigns against Britney before. One cannot fault her for being on her guard.

“I mean DAMN come on …” Britney continued. “Three girls at a restaurant came up to me yesterday so drunk and loud and sat right beside me with that gross smell of alcohol and got right in my face … reminded me of my wedding. … I was traumatized …”

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It’s so nice to see Britney Spears smile, isn’t it? We really do wish this singer all the best.

“This time I said please get the f–k away from me … Yes … it’s Britney Bitch !!!” she quipped.

“I woke up and spoke up for myself … can you believe it ???” Britney asked.

“Honestly I couldn’t either,” she admitted. “So with that said, please again know I’m doing the best I can …”

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Britney Spears called out false reports from self-described “fans” that sent police on a dangerous wellness check to her home. (Image Credit: Twitter)

“l’m alive, fine, healthy, and ready to start a new day – a new morning anew !!!” Britney proclaimed to her fans and followers.

And Britney then concluded her Twitter thread with this message:

“To my real fans,” she wrote, “God bless you!”