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During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Michael Ilesanmi turned the tables on Angela Deem.

Watching Angela openly flirting with Billy, hearing the “Thief of Hearts” use his pet name for Angela, incensed Michael.

He stormed off.

When Angela (finally) went to chase after him, he told her to just marry Billy for all that he cares.

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Last week, viewers watched as Michael reacted in horror to Angela and Billy’s flirty chat. He heard Billy call her “Angel.” And then he stormed off.

So on Season 7, Episode 15, we watched as Angela quickly rushed to offer assurances … to Billy.

With her husband having walked away, Angela kept talking to Billy. She wanted to make sure that he didn’t feel that he had caused this marital drama.

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Angela followed Michael, showing up at the hotel room. He was in no mood to talk.

“Go and marry that man,” Michael told her.

Angela had filled Michael’s life with fear, anxiety, frustration, and even abuse. Now, she was also planning to fly to Canada to stay with her “crush” over his objections. It was all too much.

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“She only ever worried about herself,” Michael lamented to the camera. And he was absolutely right.

Angela just raged at Michael, attacking him with domestic violence and also damaging his property. Why? Over an Instagram account. Not cheating, not betrayal. Simply being on social media.

Meanwhile, Angela thinks that it’s fine for her to visit her “friend” in Canada, despite the flirting. And over her husband’s objections. Why?

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Because she’s fine with it. And other people’s thoughts and feelings don’t seem to really matter to Angela.

Michael rolled over and went to sleep, allegedly, despite being clothed and with producers in the room. Really, he just pulled the duvet over his head and wanted to end the conversation.

They stayed together that night … but it was not exactly a warm marital bed.

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In the morning, Michael began packing up his belongings, including that excellent shirt. “I’m going home,” he announced.

Viewers immediately suspected that this was about more than jealousy. Michael wanted to show himself and Angela that he can stand up to her. The Instagram thing didn’t work out, so he’s trying with this.

It seems like Angela realized this, too.

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Angela insisted that going to visit Billy was fully justified, on the grounds that he has kidney disease and needs her help. (Why her, specifically?)

But she also seemed to realize that she may have pushed Michael too far this time — and this time, it wasn’t even physical!

Angela has walked away from Michael many times. This time, he was doing the walking. And Angela clearly didn’t like not having control over that.

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Tragically, the two of them made nice. Michael deserves better — everyone does.

The two subjected viewers to the sight of them cuddling in bed. The Billy thing seemed resolved-ish, with Angela no longer planning to go to Canada.

But then, Michael received a text from one of his friends. He invited Angela to meet up with said friend.

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Angela was furious — furious enough to joke about domestic violence just days after laying hands on Michael.

The friend in question is one of the “Goofballs,” Michael’s friends. Angela doesn’t like them, and doesn’t like him associating with them.

It looks like she got the upper hand — that is, she’s more comfortable when she can rage at Michael over something.