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After months of anticipation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries debuted today, and in news that’s probably very much to the delight of the royal family, the first three episodes contain nothing in the way earth-shattering allegations.

In fact, the most talked-about scene is one in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex admit that they themselves have not been completely honest with the public.

Their fib was a relatively minor one, it seems, but we’re sure that it will be of great interest to Harry and Meghan obsessives the world over …

Shortly after they announced their engagement in 2017, Harry and Meghan gave an interview to the BBC, in which they claimed that they were “set up” on a “blind date.”

In the Harry & Meghan Netflix special, however, we get a very different account of how their relationship developed.

“Meghan and I met on Instagram,” Harry says at one point, adding:

Harry opens up like never before in his new Netflix documentary. (Photo via Netflix)

“I was scrolling through my feed and one of my friends and someone who was a friend had this video of the two of them, like a Snapchat.”

It seems that Harry still recalls the moment he first laid eyes on Meghan:

“I was like ‘who is THAT?!'” he asked their mutual friend.

Harry and Meghan will offer an intimate view of their lives in their new Netflix special. (Photo via Netflix)

The friend later relayed to Meghan that “Prince Haz” had asked about her and suggested they meet.

“I said, who’s that?” Meghan said, shooting a smile at the camera. “I asked if I could see his feed.”

We’re not sure if Meghan was joking when she suggested that she didn’t know who Harry was until she saw a photo of him.

Meghan tells her side of the story. (Photo via Netflix)

Whatever the case, she says she was instantly smitten, not because of his looks or his title, but because of his “beautiful photography” and “environmental shots.”

“That, to me, was the best barometer,” she continued.

“So I went through and it was just like beautiful photography and all these environmental shots, and this time he was spending in Africa.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are having some issues with Netflix. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images for the Invictus Games The Hague 2020)

In the doc, Meghan’s close friend Lindsay Jill Roth describes how Meg “was just going to be free,” and was not looking for a relationship when she crossed paths with Harry.

“[Meghan] had planned a single girl summer and she had a lot of plans of goin’ around Europe,” said Roth.

“I had my plan… and then came H. I mean, talk about a plot twist!” Meghan explained.

The couple hit it off right away, and Harry says he was impressed by Meghan’s bravery in entering a world that she knew nothing about.

“She sacrificed everything that she ever knew, the freedom that she had to join me in my world,” he says in the film.

The Duke of Sussex then rightly credits himself for leaving the life he knew behind in order to start fresh with Meghan in California.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex leave after a service of thanksgiving for the reign of Queen Elizabeth II at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. (Photo by Matt Dunham – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

“Then pretty soon after that, I ended up sacrificing everything that I know to join her in her world,” he tells the camera.

Clearly, this is the most candid account we’ve ever received about the true origin of Harry and Meghan’s romance.

But we’re still not buying that Meg was totally clueless about Harry, or the fact that they had mutual acquaintances.