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Another Duggar family baby is on the way.

This, typically, would not exactly come as a surprise.

On Friday, however, Jedidiah Duggar and his wife, Katey Nakatsu, confirmed that they are expecting a second child…

… just seven months after welcoming daughter Truett into the world.

Wow, huh?!?

“We have some news. Big news,” Jed announced in lengthy YouTube video, prior to turning to Katey, who was wearing a sweatshirt that read: “Joy to the world oh and I’m pregnant.”

To make it clear, Katey then emphasized:

“I’m pregnant … surprise!”

The video originally then took fans back to September 16, as Jed explained to those watching:

“It was yesterday Katey came to me and said ‘I have a surprise for you, I will tell you tonight.”

“She pulled me aside and she said, ‘Hey, so I took this pregnancy test the day before and she said there was a faint line that came up and she said I wasn’t for sure so I took another this morning, which would have been yesterday morning, and it came back positive,’” the 23-year old continued.

The couple only recently let their family know at an “ugly sweater” themed Christmas party, an event also documented in the YouTube footage.

Jedidiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu COVID Joke Pregnancy Announcement
After posting some racy(by Duggar standards) honeymoon pics, Jed and Katey got right down to the business of procreating. Their daughter Truett was born earlier this year. (Photo via Instagram)

At one point, Jed joked, “We’re having Irish Twins! Not really,” referring to the nickname given to a pair of siblings born less than a year apart.

In reality, the kids will be about 16 months apart — which, even by Duggar standards, is rather unusual.

Katey also said that that their baby’s due date is the day after Jed’s sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, is scheduled to give birth to baby number-three.

Joy-Anna confirmed her own pregnancy in early October.

Katey Nakatsu Wears Pants!

Back to the video, though:

At another point, Jim Bob Duggar expressed shock over his son’s baby bombshell.

“Seriously? You are? Number two! I thought you just had one,” Jim Bob told Jed, who responded:

“We’re trying to catch up with you guys.”

In that case, Jed and Katey have 17 more children to go — but they very well get there at this pace.

Congratulations to the expecting mom and dad!

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