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Farrah Abraham has been involved in just about kind of controversy you can imagine over the course of her “career.”

Farrah has been accused of assault, child neglect, drug abuse, bigotry, and a pathological inability to tell the truth.

But just when you think that Farrah has been accused of just about every kind of abhorrent behavior known to man, the former Teen Mom gets caught up in an entirely new kind of scandal!

The latest controversy centers around Farrah’s skills as a caretaker, but it does not involve her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham discussed a myriad of topics in an overly filtered interview video. (Image Credit: In Touch Weekly)

That’s the good news.

The bad news is, Farrah has been accused of mistreating her two dogs, Billionaire and Cupcake.

Earlier this week, Farrah posted an Instagram video in which she revealed that she had dyed the dogs fur.

“Check out Billionaire’s haircut and Cupcake’s hair too,” she said.

Farrah shows off her colorful dogs. (Photo via Instagram)

“The dogs have better haircare and haircuts than adults do now. It’s amazing.”

For starters, it’s strange that Farrah thinks the two categories of living organisms who can get their hair done are “dogs” and “adults”

Did she mean to say “humans?”

Farrah’s purple pooch. (Photo via Farrah)

Not surprisingly, Farrah’s followers were not very receptive to her pooches’ new appearance.

In fact, some went so far as to accuse Farrah of animal abuse.

“I’m sorry I don’t think fur-dying dogs is cute at all… put a little sweater or shirt on them, sure! Take them to the groomer to get their fur trimmed up nicely, do it up! Dying a dog… like whyyyyyy though?” one person wrote.

Farrah’s dogs are now brightly-colored. (Photo via Instagram)

“I don’t condone the dyeing, vegan or not,” another added.

“She’s never satisfied with anything. Always gotta f–k with s–t to make it ‘better,'” a third person chimed in.

“She’s not natural so why would anything else under her control be?” a third chimed in.

Has Farrah undergone one cosmetic procedure too many? (Photo via Instagram)

There’s a debate to be had about coloring your pets’ fur and whether or not it constitutes abuse.

Advocates point out that it doesn’t cause the animal any harm, and many pets even seem to enjoy that aspect of the grooming process.

Others say that chemicals of any kind should only be applied to pets’ fur only when doing so is absolutely necessary for medical reasons.

Farrah Abraham Video Still
Farrah Abraham is capable of being very mean. (Photo via Instagram)

Whatever the case, Farrah might have found a more receptive audience if she were more well-liked

As it is, people don’t like Farrah, so when she does something controversial, people tend to side against her.

Farrah hasn’t responded to the god-dyeing controversy, and she probably won’t.

Farrah Abraham’s latest selfie is getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately for Farrah, it’s not receiving many compliments. (Photo via Instagram)

Farrah recently lit her apartment on fire, and we imagine there will be some legal fallout from that.

And then there’s just the day-to-day messiness of being Farrah Abraham.

That’s a full-time job in its own right!