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During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Jovi and Yara again butted heads.

It’s tough, because this is a genuine couple who truly love each other. But they’re clashing over something major.

Should Yara and Mylah stay in Europe longer than planned? For family and to help some of her friends who are now refugees?

But 90 Day Fiance fans believe that they’ve uncovered total fraud in this storyline.

Jovi Dufren, Yara Zaya, little Mylah, Yara’s mom Olga, and Jovi’s friend Talmadge arrived in Germany on Season 7, Episode 14. Oh, and production was there, too.

As much as Jovi treated this trip like a family vacation — or just a plain old vacation, at times — it was more than that.

In addition to reconnecting with her mom, Yara was there to see one of her oldest and dearest friends: Karina.

After more than two years apart, the women missed each other.

And Karina is now a refugee. She fled Ukraine after Russia invaded, and not a moment two soon.

Two days after she departed, a Russian rocket struck her apartment building. It was one of countless civilian targets as Russia aimed to sow terror and demoralize the people of Ukraine.

To be clear, no one is claiming that Karina’s horror story is inauthentic in any way.

Rather, the questions arise from Yara’s alleged struggle to “stay and help people,” from her friends to other refugees.

Many believe that Yara feels homesick for Europe. But … is she really considering a long-term stay against Jovi’s wishes?

No one doubts that Yara is happy to have a break from the “nasty village” that Jovi calls home.

(Everyone has their personal tastes. One could argue that Jovi is not putting America’s best foot forward in Yara’s eyes. New Orleans is not her kind of city)

Yara loves the coffee in Prague. There is a sense of familiarity, even though these cities that she’s visiting are as different from each other as, say, Seattle is from Boston.

A Reddit denizen has noted that Yara and Jovi posted but have since archived photos from their trip to Prague and Germany.

This was many months ago — when they actually went.

The redditor recalled Yara referring to the trip as a “vacation.” Meaning that some of the marital tensions may have been for the benefit of the cameras.

Also, the trip did not end in Prague or in Germany.

Fans and commenters chimed in, noting that they later flew to Turkey and enjoyed a Mediterranean vacation.

Redditors recalled how the couple shared photos from Antalya. Presumably, they will re-share these photos once the season finishes airing.

Obviously, none of this means that Yara’s concern for her friends, family, or fellow Ukrainians was fake. That was clearly real.

But as many fans suspected, Yara was channeling her genuine homesickness, family ties, and compassion into a storyline.

Love it or hate it, that is often how reality TV works. Angela and Kimberly might have authentic drama 24/7, but Yara and Jovi’s marriage is a little too normal for that.