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Tori Roloff is here with an important message.

On the November 29 episode of Little People, Big World, the mother of three sits down at dinner with her family in order to update husband Zach Roloff about a doctor’s visit she just had with daughter Lilah Ray … who celebrated her third birthday earlier this month.

(The episode, remember, was filmed many months ago.)

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Just like her brother, dad and paternal grandparents, Lilah was born with Achondroplastia, which is the most common form of dwarfism.

It can affect the growth of bones in an individual, which is why Jackson required leg surgery last year.

Back to Lilah, though:

In a sneak peek published by People Magazine, Tori delves into the aforementioned doctor’s visit with Zach.

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In a confessional, meanwhile, Tori explains that Lilah failed her hearing test during her annual checkup, prompting them to follow up with a specialist.

“They were worried that she has water behind her ears and that she maybe couldn’t hear us all the way, like it was muffled.

“It’s a possibility that’s contributing to her delay in speech, so today I took her to a hearing specialist to have more tests run on her to figure out what’s happening,” says Tori.

The long-time reality star later emphasizes that her daughter does have “perfect hearing.”

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What’s the main medical issue at the moment, though?

“She’s just slow in talking,” Tori tells Zach, adding:

“The reason why she failed the pressure test at the pediatrician’s office is because she has just an irregularly shaped ear drum, but there’s no water.”

“There’s nothing behind her eardrums?” Zach asks, to which Tori confirms Lilah is just fine.

“I think it was a relief to hear that yes, she doesn’t have a hearing issue,” Tori adds in her confessional.

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Zach and Tori Roloff are all smiles in this promotional photo for new episodes of Little People, Big World.

Elsewhere, Tori and Zach discuss the possibility of placing Lilah in speech therapy to assist with her delay.

Zach, for his part, points out that due to Tori’s background, she may be able to help her out at home.

“Once Jackson starts full days of kindergarten, I think you’ll have more time to work with her and do your teaching thing, not to put it all on you,” he says to Tori.

“Totally,” replies the TLC personality.

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In her confessional, Tori then says the following:

“I have a background in child development.

“Not that I consider myself a speech pathologist by any means, however, I do have a lot of tools in my back pocket, and I think we can help her a lot at home before we have to step into a specialist’s office.”

Little People, Big World airs at 9/8c on TLC on Tuesday nights.