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Just last week, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins updated fans on their painful custody situation. It was not happy news.

The 90 Day Fiance exes do not have Pierre or Ethan. And it doesn’t appear that this will change any time soon.

However, Paul did a new interview to clear the air. Fans have had a lot of questions for many months now.

In addition to explaining why he lost custody months after Karine did, Paul shared that the two are trying to work together to regain custody.

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On Friday, November 4, Paul Staehle gave an interview to longtime 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates.

Yates, an avid Instagram user who often gains direct access to the cast, has spoken to Paul many times before.

This summer, he covered Paul’s initial loss of custody after Paul’s face appeared on a Missing Child alert.

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That was many months ago. But in terms of custody, nothing seems to have changed.

Karine just spent Halloween without her boys.

And Paul, despite their history, spoke out to defend his ex.

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According to Paul’s new interview, he and Karine are working “as a team” on this.

“Me and Karine are friends, we talk constantly, we’re good,” he insisted.

In the past, both Paul and Karine have accused each other of abuse, among other things. They had a deeply toxic marriage.

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Apparently, Paul believes that this custody situation has the makings of an international incident.

“I tell Karine, maybe we should get the Brazilian embassy involved at this point,” he said.

Though Karine has her green card and her children are US citizens, Karine is from Brazil.

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Pierre is 3 years old. Ethan is only 20 months old.

But according to Paul, his sons will be 18 years old by the time that he is allowed to see them.

“I’ve done everything they said … and they won’t remove the order,” Paul claimed. He called this an “18-year ban.” But why?

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90 Day Fiance stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins pose with their two sons, Pierre Staehle and newborn Ethan Staehle, just weeks after the latter’s birth.

According to Paul, he lost custody because he “let Karine see the kids.”

He explained: “There was an order on there that Karine could only see the kids supervised.

“I let Karine see the kids unsupervised,” Paul confessed. “Therefore I violated the court orders.”

You can hear all of this and more in this very lengthy interview, which John Yates shared on his YouTube channel (Genuinely, the video is hours long)

Paul shared that he is “filming and scouting” in Brazil at the moment, working for a “few different companies” including the Travel Channel.

He has lived in Brazil in the past. However, he will of course return to the US.

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Paul and John also discussed Paul’s OnlyFans page, where apparently his most recent content varies pretty dramatically from past videos.

He and Karine have broken the 90 Day Fiance corner of the internet in the past with sex tapes.

However, this time, Paul wasn’t with Karine or filming solo, according to reports.

He feels like Karine is being unfair (and we will say that occupying a household’s only bathroom for hours is not great). But we also only hear his side of things. Generally, when someone locks themselves in a bathroom, they’re desperately trying to get a little peace or process intense emotions. We only have Paul’s word that this is “mood swings,” for whatever that’s worth.

Paul filmed a scene with OnlyFans with another man. “It was a different experience, John,” came his review.

He did characterize the scene as “comical” rather than steamy. And the man with whom he filmed was Karine’s cousin. Paul also referred to this person as Karine’s “brother’s boyfriend.”

We have a lot of questions. This is so often the case with Paul. Apparently, the guy is also a dentist.