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It’s been just a few weeks since Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley ended their engagement.

Back in early October, a mere two months after they agreed to marry, the Teen Mom stars released a joint statement that read as follows:

While the last year has been tremendously exciting for both of us, we’ve realized that it’s best we walk separate paths. We are so grateful for the lessons, growth, and memories we’ve had in this relationship.

So many of you have watched our love story unfold, and we hope that you’ll continue to watch our stories while we move forward as friends.

Remember these happier times? Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley are no longer a strong couple… at all.

Sounds like it was pretty amicable, right?

Well, now we know why. Why it SOUNDED that way, we should emphasize.

According to our friends at The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the recent rumors are true:

Mobley did, indeed, cheat on Messer.

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley have called it quits. And fans are desperate to know why! (Photo via Instagram)

However, an insider allegedly close to the former couple tells The Ashley that very few details have come out about the scandal because Jaylan convinced Leah to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Jaylan does not want the full story getting out there,” the source says. “He did everything he could to keep Leah from going public with the story.”

This individual went on to claim Mobley and Messer therefore arrived at a deal:

“She filmed a few times about the breakup, once with a friend and once with Jaylan, but the only thing Leah was allowed to say on-camera was that she signed an NDA and couldn’t really discuss it.”

Leah Messer and Jaylan
Photo via Instagram

Why would Messer sign such a document? What leverage could Mobley have had on her?

It goes back to something we reported on in May, how Messer bought a new house… but it has Mobley’s name on the deed.

This was a necessity due to Leah’s ongoing tax problems, and it reportedly gave Mobley an opening to take the unusual step described above.

“He agreed to sign the house over, on the condition that Leah sign an NDA and not discuss the reason behind their breakup,” this source tells The Ashley, adding:

“As long as Leah agrees to keep it quiet, legally everything will move forward to her having the house in her name only.”

Following the split, Messer wanted to remain in this residence with her three daughters.

Hence why she was open to this unusual, NDA-related accord.

“His name will still be on the deed until she can refinance the house in her name only, but she has to take care of her tax debt before she can do that,” the source continued.

“Once she does that, she can take his name off. This was all part of the agreement they made and it was done legally though an attorney.”

Leah and Jaylan Bought a House
Photo via Instagram

Messer, this article concludes, did nothing wrong in the relationship.

“She really had no fault in this one,” the insider said. “She truly thought she had found ‘The One’ with Jaylan and was heartbroken.”

Meanwhile, shortly after The Ashley posted this report, Mobley wrote the following on Instagram:

THERAPY WINS!! LOVE WINS!! FORGIVENESS WINS!! FAITH WINS!! ACCOUNTABILITY WINS!! All of which I chose.. Just know, you will only get positive response from me and people around me.

Everyday we see how negativity and conflict ends.. Life is too short.. FIND PEACE!