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When Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino met on the set of Dancing With the Stars, she was fresh from her stint as the Bachelorette and her breakup with Eric Schwer.

Vinny was probably fresh from a gig at the Vegas Chippendales revue, where he had drizzled a gallon of nether-region sweat all over a bachelorette party from Des Moines.

But despite their very different backgrounds, it seems the Colorado nurse and the Staten Island-based professional guido have hit it off.

And luckily for us, their budding romance is playing out in public.

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Yes, Gabby and Vinny’s flirty exchanges on social media have fans doing more shipping than an Amazon warehouse on Cyber Monday.

Take for example the back-and-forth that took place earlier this week, in which Vinny and Gabby yet again made it clear that there’s a smush room rendezvous in their future.

It all started when Vinny posted an Instagram video in which he performed a short dance routine (as he’s wont to do these days).

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Vinny stars on Jersey Shore…and possibly in Gabby’s heart. (Photo via MTV)

“Ya’ll need to get with a strong 7/8 with a good personality. If he’s too hot he’s not gonna be funny or cook,” Guadagnino captioned the video, adding:

“When you’re medium hot but somebody fine likes you.”

“Honestly a 10,” Gabby promptly commented on the clip.

Gabby Windey didn’t win Dancing With the Stars. But she might have won Vinny Guadagnino’s heart! (Photo via ABC)

Gabby didn’t even do the thing where she was like, “He’s a 10, but …”

In her mind, there are no qualifications or mitigating factors to Vinny’s status as a perfect dime!

Shortly thereafter, Vin posted a sultry pic of himself (below), with a caption reading, “If I’m a lot, go find less.”

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Windey took to the comments again, this time replying, “A lot of you is never enough.”

Despite the constant flirtation between these two, Gabby insisted in a recent interview that they’re just friends who like to joke around.

“I mean, we’re friends. We were on [Dancing With the Stars] together,” she explained during a recent episode of Barstool’s “Chicks in the Office” podcast.

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“Apparently both of us just like to kind of stir the pot. Which is, like, funny. But [the rumors] did happen out of nowhere,” Gabby said, by way of explaining the flirty exchanges.

“All of a sudden … everybody’s blowing up in the comments,” she said, joking that she was prepared to be a “Guido in training.”

Then again, when asked by reporters at the DWTS finale whether she would consider dating Vin, Gabby had this to say:

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Vinny seems confused in this still from Jersey Shore. (Photo via MTV)

“I would at this point. I could use a pick me up.”

But if anything is gonna happen between these two, it probably won’t be for a while, as Gabby seems like she’s still getting over Erich.

“The end of our relationship happened because we weren’t completely in step and in sync with each other in our common goals or just the way we approach life,” she recently remarked to Us Weekly.

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It’s all over for Gabby Windey and Erich Schwer. Is anyone out there really shocked?

“Ultimately, I’m just grateful that I was able to do it on my own terms and when I was ready,” Gabby added.

“It was just a new experience overall — being so public and being thrown into this. I think now it’s just kind of trying to move forward.”

So it sounds like Vinny might have to wait a bit before he makes his move.

Fortunately, patience is one of the Four Noble Virtues of the Chippendale!