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Kody Brown has been spiraling on Sister Wives. Verbally and emotionally, he’s making it clear that he’s seen better days.

Christine is done with him. He has gone from shock to bitterness and tried to rewrite history.

Now, Kody’s being weird about Janelle. Even more than before, we mean.

He’s basically blaming Christine, claiming that Janelle is now “rejecting” him for her close friendship with his ex.

Kody Brown does more of his trademark ranting on Sister Wives.

During the Sunday, November 20 episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown spoke about his plural marriage aspirations.

He admitted that he always intended for all four of his wives to “have close relationships” with each other.

While his particular brand of patriarchal polygamy doesn’t call for romantic relationships between all spouses, he wanted them to be friends. Family, even.

Janelle Brown opens up here during a confessional on the 17th season of Sister Wives.

However, Kody complained that he now feels that this has backfired.

Specifically, he is noticing some emotional distance from Janelle.

“I’m begging Janelle for a closer relationship,” he expressed. Seemingly with zero awareness of how he has made his own wives feel.

Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

Kody complained that he “feels like she’s rejecting that” desire to be closer.

“And,” he griped, he can’t shake the thought that Janelle is “just choosing to have one with Christine.”

Well, Christine and Janelle are close friends. What else did he expect?

Janelle and Kody Brown get into a nasty argument during this November 2022 episode of Sister Wives.

Meanwhile, Janelle and Christine had a chance to speak to each other.

It must be nice, after dealing with Kody, to chat with someone who actually respects you as a person, right?

The two chatted about their bond, and about how it has evolved since Christine decided to leave Kody.

Christine and Janelle Brown pose for a photo together at Logan Brown’s wedding.

“Now the relationships [have] changed,” Janelle acknowledged.

“We’ve said some very harsh things to Kody,” she noted.

Janelle observed that “Now it’s different.”

Janelle Brown appears to have slimmed down of late. She looks great, doesn’t she?

Of her bond with Christine, Janelle commented: “Now it seems like we focus on the common experience and the kids.”

Christine admitted that, from her view, “it’s totally different” than how Janelle described things.

She told her sister wife turned friend: “I would consider you one of my best friends.”

Christine Brown recalls the moment that she knew that her now 21-year-old daughter was not heterosexual while speaking to the confessional camera on Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Christine confessed that she doesn’t fully know “what label” would best describe her bond with Janelle.

“It’s such a weird relationship to navigate,” she pointed out.

They’re not exes. Their children are siblings, but are they family?

One of the pitfalls of having a relationship that falls outside of mainstream tradition (for better or for worse) is that you may lack the language for some things.

Terms like basement wife and polycule exist for a reason.

Janelle and Christine may need a new term for their bond. Others in similar situations might use it, too.

Christine Brown has a lot to think about. This is a photo from Season 2 of Sister Wives Season 17.

And of course Janelle acknowledged that she has been in a touch position.

She feels caught between Kody and Christine, for obvious reasons.

“I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t,” Janelle characterized.

christine is with janelle

It is also very much worth noting that Janelle’s children are all very close with Christine.

“Christine, like, all my kids remember all the history,” Janelle remarked on Sunday’s episode.

“So, they’re struggling, too, to be in both worlds,” she pointed out.

Christine then emphasized that “no one should be picking sides.”

But that does not seem to be the way that Kody now sees things.

“I’m in a very vulnerable place and if I cross a line, will she cross another line?” Kody griped to the camera.

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“And that sort of cynicism comes, I think, from unwinding 20 years in plural marriage and Christine leaving,” he then complained.

Kody concluded: “I don’t think Janelle or I are being honest or realistic in this relationship as we communicate with each other about this stuff.”

Perhaps he will one day realize that a lot of his expectations were not realistic.