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We have an update on two of the Alaskan Bush People.

Earlier this week, Bear Brown posted a video on social media that described Alaskan Bush People — the reality show that focused on Bear and his relatives living mostly off the grid — as a unifying program.

He said in this footage that the series featured a “family coming together in adversity” and “supporting one another.”

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Wait a minute, though.

In the comment section of Bear’s post, at least one fan tried to almost use Bear’s words again him.

This follower cited Bear’s “stray brother” and asked when he’ll get brought back into the family fold.

In response, Bear insisted that Matt doesn’t want be part of the family … and that his sibling is the one to blame for the estrangement.

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“I’m getting tired of people acting like it’s us!” Bear fired back. “Why take his word over the whole family[‘s]? It makes no sense!”

He even proceeded to accuse Matt of spreading lies about their late father, Billy Brown, along with other members of the famous family.

“You talk about someone who has not ever apologized for the things he’s done!” Bear continued.

“Someone who spoke lies about his own dad after he died a dad that was ALWAYS there for him.”

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Matt Brown left Alaskan Bush People after Season 8.

He entered rehab for alcohol addiction in 2016 and has been estranged from his parents for the duration of his substance abuse issues.

When the Browns moved from Alaska to Washington in 2018, Matt elected to stay in California, where he had sought treatment.

The decision further distanced him from his family — and he entered rehab for a second time later that year following allegations from two different women that he had sexually assaulted them.

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In March, Bear was arrested for domestic violence.

Via the aforementioned video a couple days ago, Bear referred to Matt as “someone who continues to speak lies about his family, his mother, his brothers and sisters!

“If you knew the truth about him I guarantee you would not support him!

“He abandoned his family NOT the other way around!”

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in April 2021, Matt accused parents Ami and the late Billy Brown of not compensating him for appearing on the Discovery Channel program, claiming his parents stole $360,000 from him.

“We made a lot of money off the show, and because my dad controlled everything, all the money went to him… I didn’t have any money or anything,” he said at the time.

“My dad kept that all.”

Billy Brown, of course, is not around to defend himself these days.

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Elsewhere, Matt claimed that Alaskan Bush People was essentially faked for the camera; and also said that producers hooked him up with cocaine.

“It’s heartbreaking that he would say such horrible lies about Da just a few months after he passed away,” Bear said this week, adding:

“I pray that he can find the peace and serenity in his life that he needs.”

Season 14 of Alaskan Bush People is currently airing Sunday nights on Discovery Channel.