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Back in July, it was announced that Prince Harry was writing a memoir with the aid of esteemed author Jay Moehringer.

Not surprisingly, the royal family was less than thrilled with this development.

After all, the feud between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family was still the favorite subject of British tabloid press, and insiders expected that Harry’s book would add more fuel to the fire.

In September, of course, the entire Windsor clan was rocked to its foundations by the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth
Meghan with Harry and the Queen. (Photo via Getty)

There were hopes that the passing of their beloved matriarch would bring the royals back together.

Sadly, that didn’t happen.

In fact, sources have alleged that the Meghan is more hated than ever by both the British public and her in-laws.

Needless to say, a scathing tell-all published under these circumstances could have disastrous results.

Harry and Meghan are still divisive figures in the UK. (Photo via Getty)

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, there’s been a push to delay the release of the memoir, or even cancel it altogether.

But Harry’s publishing company might not be willing to take accept such a loss.

“The question inside the Palace is: ‘Can the book be stopped?'” one insider tells the Mail.

Harry and Meghan participate in a memorial service for the Queen. (Photo via Getty Images)

“It may be that even Harry can’t stop it at this stage but the feeling at the very top is that there’s no good that can come of airing grievances in public.”

Canceling the publication of the book would likely mean waging a messy legal battle against Penguin Random House, and perhaps even against Harry himself.

And it seems unlikely that Charles has any interest in embarking on such an errand so early in his reign.

Insiders say that with the Queen’s official period of mourning at an end, Charles has shifted his focus to establishing himself as a modern, progressive monarch.

The moment the Queen passed away, her son Charles became king of the United Kingdom. He is now formally known as King Charles III. (Photo via Getty Images)

“His Majesty will build on the points he has expressed to the nation: Now that the period of mourning is over, he will support diversity, promote community spirit and protect the space for those with faith and those without,” says the insider.

“He is mindful that, as King, his interests and passions will continue but that… some of his previous commitments will now continue in the trusted hands of others.”

Yes, as the first UK monarch to take the throne in the 21st century, Charles assumes the duty of demonstrating to the world that the British Royal Family is still a vital and necessary institution.

King Charles is 73 years old, so his reign will likely be brief in comparison to the 70 years that his mother sat on the throne. (Photo via Getty)

His first order of business might be to try and bring an end to the rancor and back-biting that have characterized life among the Windsor clan for the past three years.

So we doubt that he’ll try and put a stop to Harry’s memoir, as such a move would likely draw the wrong kind of attention.

But Charles might encourage some strategic edits before the book’s release.