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This week, Kanye West offered an alarmingly terrible “apology” for his recent antisemitic tirades.

As various observers have noted, Ye is part of a massive misogyny-to-fascism pipeline that captures numerous troubled men.

Because water so often finds its own level, he has also developed an unwarranted admiration for provocateur Elon Musk.

Kanye is peeved that President Joe Biden hasn’t met with Musk. And he’s calling POTUS an ableist slur about it.

Kanye West giving an interview to Piers Morgan already sounds like a recipe for disaster.

These are two men who cultivate controversy as if it were their most favored currency.

In Ye’s case, Piers did not have to do any heavy lifting. He only had to sit there while Kanye said whatever came to mind.

Elon Musk is single for very good reason. (Photo via Getty Images)

“The President of the United States does not have meetings with Elon Musk,” Kanye pointed out.

Most of us would point that out with a tone of relief, or simply pointing out the obvious.

But when Ye says it, he means it as a complaint.

Kanye West sat down with Fox News host Tucker Carlson this week. And the conversation was as bonkers as you would expect. (Photo via Fox News)

“That is f–king — Hey, here, come, come get me,” Ye commented, as if taunting people on purpose.

“That’s f–king r—–ed,” he said, using the r-word, an ableist slur. One that he clearly knows that he should not say.

“I know I’m not supposed to say that Biden,” Kanye admitted, “but that’s fucking r—–ed, Biden.”

President Joe Biden spoke on 60 Minutes about various topics of interest, including his plans for 2024. (Photo Credit: CBS)

Obviously, of course President Biden does not meet with Musk.

First of all, outside of his gullible band of sycophantic Twitter bros, very few people see Musk as reputable or particularly bright.

And, more recently, Musk’s apparent desire to cater towards expansionist ambitions of China and Russia have people alarmed. Not someone who should have access to national security conversations in any capacity.

Elon Musk Smokes Weed

Kanye did not stop there during his interview with Piers Morgan.

He spoke about his desire for the “1 percent” to collaborate in order to bring about world peace.

That sounds cool. Deeply vague enough to sound like a harmless, almost good idea, because it’s entirely up to the listener’s interpretation.

Kanye West in Thought
Kanye is pictured here, presumably dreaming up new ways to be a jerk. (Photo via Getty)

But Ye linked this to his misguided infatuation with the South African blowhard.

He cited the “obvious” example of President Biden not “listening” to the guy who seemingly can’t decide if he’s going to purchase and then ruin Twitter.

Okay, whatever. But what about the whole slur thing?

Kanye West Spins Conspiracy Theories
Kanye West suggested that Hollywood “plants” manipulate celebrities for sinister purposes, targeting his ex.

The r-slur is a hateful term.

Once, like most slurs, it was a seemingly neutral label for people with any sort of cognitive disability.

From brain damage to chromosomal mutations to simple neurodivergence, the r-slur targets people whom our society already maligns and marginalizes. Ableist slurs have no place in any conversation.

Kanye West at a Computer
Kanye West is looking at something that appears to have his strong attention in this photo of the artist.

The r-slur is the sort of thing that, if you heard someone say it, it’s a pretty clear sign that you would not wish to know them. It’s like other slurs, in that respect.

Kanye knows that, and Piers Morgan even cautioned him against using the slur.

But Kanye seemed unmoved, and apparently believes that his bipolar disorder gives him the right to sling the slur as an insult. Even if he were, say, on the autistic spectrum and could reclaim the slur, hurling it as an insult would still be out of bounds.

Ye at a Fight
Kanye West poses for a photo as he arrives for the fight between Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson at State Farm Arena on October 23, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

But Kanye is not likely to listen to anyone but himself. And perhaps for the ghastly and malicious whispers of Candace Owens.

This is the very same interview where Kanye apologized for “going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” on Twitter.

(Not that this is even close to the point, but … it’s not death con. It’s DEFCON. The former would be a convention of true crime enthusiasts)

Kanye West Decries "Abortion Culture," Says Kim Kardashian Almost Killed North's Soul

Kanye admitted that he felt sorry for hurting people with his antisemitic rants, noting that he “crossed a line.”

But he didn’t truly walk back his now-deleted tweet.

Instead, he insists that Jewish people are sabotaging him. But he now clarifies that he only wishes death upon the specific (imaginary) group who “are” working against him.

Kanye Gets Silenced
Kanye West has been banned from Instagram. The move comes after Kanye hurled racial slurs at comedian Trevor Noah.

Some of Kanye’s dwindling defenders suggest that even his most bigoted, hateful statements are merely the products of mental illness.

Bigotry is not a disease. To say otherwise maligns millions of people with mental illness. You know, people who are not bigots.

But also, we can see in this interview that Kanye knows that he should not use the slur. He just does it anyway.