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Even though Kim Kardashian fumbles her response to backlash sometimes, she always nails other things.

Specifically, bikini photoshoots. Kim is literally always ready.

On this week’s episode of The Kardashians, Kim’s bikini body was impossible to miss.

What really stuck out to viewers — other than Kim’s booty — was how the reality TV cameras made sure that we were seeing Kim’s real, unedited body.

Kim Kardashian headed to Miami with her sisters on The Kardashians.

The goal? For a Skims pop-up event.

You know Kim’s shapewear line — the one that she wisely renamed? That’s Skims.

Kim Kardashian Models Skims on a Sunday
Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram to flaunt her incredible body while wearing Skims, but was accused of a “photoshop fail” after some fans wondered where her navel had wandered off to.

On the way, however, Kim had an idea: spur of the moment bikini photos.

“Because we’re in Miami and it’s a different whole setting,” she explained during the episode.

Kim reasoned: “I try to like kill as many birds with one stone as possible.”

A gruesome analogy, but an understandable one.

What really caught people’s attention was not just that Kim did another bikini photoshoot. She has, after all, done many.

But rather that the scene was a look at Kim’s unedited bikini body. No filters, no fine-tuning of the photos, no lighting adjustments.

Kim Kardashian in a Confessional
It’s time for Kim Kardashian to confess in this photo from The Kardashians premiere.

For many years, the most conspicuous photo-editors in the Kardashian family have been obvious.

Why? Because even if they control every other image that goes online, their reality TV footage shows their actual faces.

(Okay, we’re talking about Khloe Kardashian — we all know that we’re talking about Khloe, right?)

As Kim posed in front of the large hotel window, she used the actual Atlantic ocean as her backdrop.

“Of course I’ll put on a Skims bikini, take pictures just in the glam room with like the pretty background,” she quipped.

Kim continued: “like I need content.”

Kim is full of blonde ambition these days. (Photo via Instagram)

“You guys always like the Instagram grid,” Kim observed on camera.

“And,” she continued, “that is like a business, honestly.”

Kim even donned a peach corset, with a stylist tightening it to shrink Kim’s tiny waist to the max.

Kim Kardashian Models on IG
Kim Kardashian is reportedly fighting to prevent the release of additional sex tape footage. Insiders say Ray J is threatening to sell the video.

Naturally, Kim was also wearing some of her Skims shapewear tights.

She was also wearing a Skims bra.

The corset may have compressed her waist beyond belief, but Kim’s booty was in full bloom. Her hourglass is legendary.

Kim Kardashian bares all in the new issue of Interview magazine. And we mean that in more ways than one. (Photo via Instagram)

Obviously, Kim’s body is so internet-breakingly legendary that she has nothing to prove to anyone.

But her spur of the moment photoshoot, on camera, served as a reminder that she doesn’t rely upon filters and photoshop.

Of course, flaunting her already-incredible body might not be the best advertisement for Skims. Because, you know, Kim’s shape is already iconic without it.