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So… all of THAT happened to wrap up House of the Dragon Season 1.

Rhaenyra learned that her father was dead… and that Alicent had usurped her claim and placed Prince Aegon on the Iron Throne… and then she miscarried a stillborn baby….

… and then Corlys Velaryon returned from his among the Stepstones to proclaim his house allied with Rhaenyra and the Blacks in her effort to regain the Iron Throne from the Greens.

… and then Vhagar ate Rhaenyra’s son, Luke.

Yes, the Dance of Dragons is at last on.

We hope you’re ready for war, celebrity gossip lovers.

Where will things now head on House of the Dragon Season 2?

Consider yourself SPOILER WARNED as you scroll down and find out what o-creator and executive producer Ryan Condal has to say about it…

“The show definitely has to expand its scope in the second season,” Condal said this week to Variety.

“Just as the original Game of Thrones grew in scope and expanse as it went, so, too, will ours. We’ve lived a good bit in three different worlds through this show: King’s Landing, Dragonstone and Driftmark.

“I think those will continue to be the home bases for the show. But a war is coming that requires allegiances from different kingdoms and armies all over the map of Westeros.

“I don’t think we’re going to get quite as vast as the original Game of Thrones did in its final analysis. But there are definitely many more new worlds to come, and new worlds that you haven’t necessarily seen in the original show, either.

“Rest assured, plenty of scope to come.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, meanwhile, Condal teased that events will get even darker when the drama returns.

“Season 1 was setting the table for a very bloody feast to come,” he told EW.

“The reason that I wanted to really spend our time doing this is because I wanted everybody to understand who all of these characters were and the long history they had behind them — behind their fathers and their grandfathers — that led us to this point where they end up fighting a civil war against each other.”

Photograph by Ollie Upton / HBO Emma D’Arcy HBO House of the Dragon Season 1 – Episode 10

Indeed, there were plenty of men, women and children to get into place on Season 1.

But now that this job is done?

“I’m really interested in picking up with all of those characters that we spent all of this time introducing, particularly Rhaenyra and Alicent’s families, and seeing what happens now that we’ve flipped the chessboard over and spilled the pieces on the ground,” Condal continued to EW.

“How do all those react?

“That’s the story that we tell in season 2 and beyond.”

New episodes of House of the Dragon will begin shooting in 2023, although we can’t say for certain exactly when they will air.

In conclusion, the producer previewed that Season 2 “does fall into that ensemble piece where you’re following multiple characters.

“They’re not all in the same place, but this is still very much a story of Alicent and Rhaenyra and their families pitted against each other. We’re not gonna suddenly pull away from telling their stories.

“It’s just the nature of this thing, in season 2, it really opens up the world in a big way and the sprawl grows quite a bit.”