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While there is truly no end to Farrah Abraham’s bad behavior, many people have other concerns.

Simply put, they worry about her parenting. At times, “fans” fear that Farrah will actively endanger her daughter.

Just weeks ago, Sophia revealed that she has a boyfriend.

Farrah promises the world that he’s a “good boy” … or that, if he isn’t, she will make him one. Ominous.

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Farrah Abraham and 13-year-old Sophia recently spoke to In Touch Weekly via a heavily filtered video.

And yes, they discussed the boyfriend situation.

Sophia revealed his existence via a TikTok video of the two visiting Build-A-Bear. All that we know about Sophia’s date is this great head of hair.

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“I talk about it in therapy,” Farrah joked.

“He’s a good boy or I’ll make him that, either way,” she weirdly commented.

Farrah has said a lot of bizarre things. Seeming to threaten a middle school aged child is just one of them.

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Farrah Abraham has taken a lot of flak for “clubbing” with her daughter. But for once, concerns about Farrah’s parenting are unfounded. (Instagram)

Sophia also had the opportunity to weigh in on her relationship and her polarizing mother’s approval.

“There’s a few ups and downs definitely,” she admitted.

Sophia then detailed that she met this mystery boy while attending “a songwriting camp from the Paramount Theater.”

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Farrah Abraham announced that she’ll be checking into rehab soon. But first, she’s spending time celebrating daughter Sophia’s 13th birthday.

“I think Sophia might be saying, like, she’s limited with her boyfriend,” Farrah chimed in.

Was Sophia saying that? We feel like we would have noticed.

Farrah then asserted: “They got, they got some good music every time they’re together though.”

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Farrah, meanwhile, admitted that she ultimately approves of Sophia’s budding relationship.

However, she quipped that “every day’s a new day.”

Farrah also commented that she is “a little bit shocked” that Sophia is dating when she herself is not.

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Farrah Abraham is already cashing in on her 11-year-old daughter. In fact, if you’re willing to shell out $25,000, Sophia will follow you on social media!

“That’s what I had to talk to my therapist about,” Farrah half-joked.

“But anyways, I definitely have limits,” she added.

“Um, but I’m happy, I’m happy for Sophia dating them,” Farrah expressed. “That’s, uh, kosher right now.”

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Farrah also discussed allowing Sophia to receive a septum piercing on her thirteenth birthday, earlier this year.

“Sophia did nothing wrong,” she correctly noted.

“And,” Farrah expressed, “I’m happy that Sophia has her nose piercing.”

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“And,” Farrah then asserted without evidence, “she’s definitely taken over the internet with it.”

She described: “There’s been a lot of other 13-year-olds getting nose piercings,”

Certainly. Even more than a couple of decades ago. (I had a couple of friends around that age with a septum piercing — it’s not that unusual)

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“Some of Sophia’s friends were not lucky enough to have a mom to go with them,” Farrah shared.

“And,” she continued, “they did do their nose piercing at home and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s scary.”

Farrah added: “If it’s not permanent and if it’s legal, I support it and I would be there.”

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Farrah is using her daughter to help her harvest internet rage clicks. This week, she took the 12-year-old to a very adult yacht party.

“Sophia has her cousins getting nose piercing now,” Farrah revealed.

“Like there’s just nose piercings everywhere,” she characterized.

However, Farrah did assert that she is “not open” to tattoos.