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After what we’ve seen so far, many fans think that Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet have more story to tell.

And they’re right.

This spring, 90 Day Fiance fans learned that Libby and Andrei were expecting their second child.

Now, the two have welcomed their baby boy!

“HE’S HERE!” Elizabeth Potthast wrote on Facebook and Instagram on Friday, October 7.

“We welcomed sweet precious baby boy Winston Leo Castravet into the World,” she announced.

Libby detailed that she gave birth to their son “on 10/4/2022.”

Winston, she detailed, entered the world “weighing 7lbs 10oz 20in long.”

“Our hearts are SO filled with joy right now,” she expressed.

“And,” Libby continued, “we are already loving being a family of four.”

“Ellie is a proud big sister,” Libby shared, “and all about her baby brother ‘Win!'”

Libby shared that “Having a baby boy is totally different energy.”

“And,” the proud mother of two affirmed, “I’m loving it so much!!!⁣”

Elizabeth and Andrei also gave a statement to Us Weekly, and even let them snap some pics. (We’re sure that we’ll get many more, soon)

“Our hearts are so filled with joy right now and Ellie is all about her baby brother,” the couple shared.

Libby and Andrei affirmed: “We are so excited to be a family of four and cannot wait to grow together.”

Back in March, Libby and Andrei announced that their small family was in the process of expanding.

“We are so extremely excited to announce that we are expecting baby Castravet #2!” Elizabeth shared at the time.

She then added: “Ellie is SO ecstatic to be a big sister and help momma!⁣”

“We appreciate all of your love and support,” Elizabeth wrote at the time.

“And,” she continued, they “cannot wait to have you on this journey with us!”

We are clearly still on that same journey with their family — now a family of four.

As we recently reported, Libby and Andrei’s new bundle of joy may be part of their reality TV future.

On Season 7, this couple has received an unusually favorable edit. To the point where it’s almost suspicious.

Sometimes, production will change things up to keep storylines fresh with gentle edits. But this feels different.

This feels, to many fans, like production is gearing up to give Elizabeth and Andrei, and her family, their own spinoff.

Think of how The Family Chantel works. We see not only that (now former) couple, but their parents and siblings.

Some sort of The Family Potthast spinoff could work very similarly. Season 7 is already showing Libby’s siblings with their own storylines.

If such a spinoff exists, and if it was already in the works this summer, perhaps cameras followed their pregnancy journey.

Having a kid is a recurring storyline in this franchise, and might sell the network bigwigs on approving the spinoff.

Some people love this cast of clowns. Others loathe them. Some go back and forth. That is a perfect recipe, potentially, for enduring viewership.