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In recent months, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have been much more open about their relationship than most Duggar couples.

Pretending that they exist in a state of non-stop marital bliss is usually a part of the family’s self-promotion campaign.

But Jessa and Ben have broken with tradition (and years of brainwashing) by speaking publicly about the problems they’ve encountered over the course of their relationship.

In a surprisingly candid post from September, Jessa admitted to being a thoughtless wife to Ben.

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Jessa and Ben in a sponsored content post. (Photo via Instagram)

The confession led fans to conclude that Jessa and Ben are headed for divorce.

Now, however, a pair of relationship experts have assured all those concerned observers that the Seewalds will be just fine.

Unfortunately, these experts are astrologists, so their opinion really doesn’t count for a whole lot.

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Jessa Seewald, Ben Seewald and their kids Spurgeon, Henry and Ivy. Easter 2020. (Photo via Instagram)

“As opposite signs, Jessa and Ben’s relationship is marked by dynamic tension – and it’s hardly a secret!” a podcasting team called the Astro Twins told UK tabloid The Sun this week.

“An intense Scorpio, Jessa is astrologically wired to want control, and it seems she has established her domain. But at what cost?” the duo continued.

“She married a Bull, the astrological sign that has two speeds: on and off. The Taurus man is deceptively simple, and does best when he has his own domain to manage HIS way.”

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Jessa Duggar recently admitted to trouble in her marriage to Ben Seewald. Are these two on the rocks? (Photo via Instagram)

The AstroTwins suggested that this might be why Ben has been accused of not pulling his weight in the relationship.

“The problem here? Methodical Taurus moves at a much slower speed than Scorpio, which can aggravate Jessa’s cosmic control issues,” say the Twins.

“Ben has been accused of being lazy and letting his wife do all the heavy lifting, which may not be untrue.

“As a result, she may be over-functioning (to wit: packing up the entire house and moving them while he was at work!) and he’s under-functioning, a tricky dance they seem to be stuck in.”

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Yes, Jessa really did pack up the entire house and move without Ben’s help, which many took as a sign of trouble within the relationship.

But the AstroTwins say hope is not lost.

“If they can start to address these issues head-on rather than indirectly or passive-aggressively (as they’re doing now), this couple can turn things around,” they report.

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Ben Seewald just got a haircut from his wife. What do you think, folks?!? (Photo via Instagram)

“In March 2023, Ben will begin his Saturn return, a 2.5-year period of maturity when people get their act together and start adulting.

“Jessa, who’s two years older than him, is already going through her Saturn return now,” the Twins explain.

“They’re at two very different levels of maturity and development. If they can make it through this transitional and tumultuous time, they will reach a common level in a couple of years.”

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Ben and Jessa Seewald on TLC, in a scene from their reality show Counting On.

So there you have it.

The difference in Ben and Jessa’s maturity levels can apparently be explained by astrology.

But because the Duggars are raised to believe that astrology is an invention of the devil, the couple probably won’t be very interested in the AstroTwins’ advice!