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We continue to see drama that not even the Bachelor in Paradise trailers had fully teased.

One guy left in a huff. One guy left in an ambulance. A love triangle dissolved before our very eyes.

And then, of course, production played its dirty trick on the cast.

This move could tear relationships apart. It’s meant to. And the entire cast knows it.

To begin, Casey opened up to Brittany about how Peter had been talking after their date.

Deep down, he was clearly just afraid that he wouldn’t get a rose, so he took a chance b telling her.

Brittany was pretty unhappy at the “clout chaser” label, and confronted Peter for being “so disrespectful.”

Peter did not really bother to deny it, and instead doubled down.

She accused him of “fishing for compliments.” Peter fired back that she was nothing but “a waste of time.” Wow.

“It’s really funny how men act when they don’t get what they want,” Brittany quipped before walking off.

Peter continued to rant in the confessional, and started spouting what frankly sound like misogynistic talking points.

“Her looks are gonna run out,” he declared. “She has nothing going for herself other than her posts, and that’s gonna dry up.”

When Jill, Brittany, and Genevieve asked Peter to leave, he straight-up refused. Of course.

This is when Casey began to feel downright dizzy. Perhaps a little woozy.

“I didn’t think my actions would have that type of effect,” Casey confessed. “It’s just eating me up inside.”

And then Casey passed the eff out, prompting a call for medics.

Casey was okay. He really did just feel overwhelmed by the drama.

However, because the fall had injured his ankle, an ambulance carted him away. You don’t want to leave a joint injury untreated.

After his departure, it was time for jacob, Rodney, Logan, and James to join the ladies in asking Peter to leave.

This time, Peter did leave, but insisted that it wasn’t because everyone hated him and wanted him gone.

“I gotta be true to myself… There was no girl here that I had physical attraction towards,” he said.

Sure, dude.

Michael and Danielle got to have their moment, but then came the big reveal. Jesse stepped out onto the beach.

“If any relationship is going to stand the test of time, it has to be able to handle adversity,” he warned ominously.

“So,” Jesse announced, “your relationships are now going to be put to the test.”

“… Ladies, you’ll be packing your bags because you’ll be leaving Paradise,” Jesse informed the group.

“You will be spending this week living at a different property,” he told them.

“Men, you’re going to be staying here,” Jesse continued, “and you will not see each other this week.”

But if you were hoping for a sausage fest on the beach, think again. Time apart is not the “adversity.”

Jesse then introduced Jessenia, Sarah, Kate, Eliza, and Florence. Five new gorgeous ladies who are now on the beach.

Jessenia is from Matt James’ season. Florence is from Australia’s own series. And the other three were Clayton’s contestants.

Many of the women who were already on the beach felt understandably angry, especially since the newcomers were so freshly styled.

The mean, meanwhile, weren’t even sure where they could “safely” look during the rollout without incurring someone’s wrath.

Emotionally, the OG ladies ranged from tearful to furious to dismayed. That is all very understandable.