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You may not believe this, but:

Things are about to get wild on Bachelor in Paradise!

Okay, perhaps this isn’t so unbelievable after all.

On Monday night, however, ABC released the first extended trailer for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, dropping the preview at the conclusion of The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special.

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After Jesse Palmer told viewers that “so much happened that it’s easy to forget just how crazy it actually was” when the episodes were actually filmed, the host cued up the teaser.

As captured via the photo above, it opened with Jacob Rapini channeling his inner Tarzan.

“I told myself I wouldn’t have sex on the first night,” he tells Shanae Ankney, who responds immediately:

“We’re not having sex, Tarzan!”

But then, naturally, the reality stars subsequently appear to hook up behind closed doors.

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In the least surprising development of the week, numerous makeout sessions follow in the promo, along with an endless cascade of tears.

At one point, returning cast member Lace Morris saying she feels “so betrayed,” subsequently breaking down about how challenging it is to find love.

“I don’t get it,” she says as she bawls on air.

This sort of reaction is mostly par for the Bachelor in Paradise course, but the drama then takes a turn after Palmer confirms a format change.

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“A shocking twist divides the beach,” the host says in a voiceover.

In other footage from the season-to-come, Palmer shocks the stars on the island by stating:

“Ladies, Go pack your bags you’ll be leaving Paradise immediately.”

(To what end, exactly? It’s been rumored that ABC borrowed an idea from Love Island and will separate the existing couples to test the group with new arrivals.)


Led by Jill Chin, who is “sick of being poked like a bear every day,” the women let out a giant, “F—k you, Jesse Palmer!” in response to this announcement.

The trailer wraps up with glimpses a multiple engagement rings.

After the teaser aired on Monday evening, Palmer concluded:

“I told you it was crazy! By the way, ‘F—k you Jesse Palmer?’ I knew I was gonna get a shout-out, but not like that. Crazy things happen down in Paradise.”


Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 premieres on ABC Tuesday, September 27, at 8/7c.

Check out the full cast and their promotional photos HERE.