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Listen, a lot of people would love to see Tyler Cameron as the next Bachelor.

We don’t just mean that he’s super popular among fans. They would like to see him in the role. For handsome reasons.

But Tyler has not always been lucky in love.

In fact, ex Paige Lorenze feels like he dated her for clout. She feels used.

Paige Lorenze recently appeared as a guest on Sofia Franklyn’s Sofia with an F podcast.

Sofia has dated some truly vile men in the past, from Morgan Wallen to Armie Hammer.

But right now, she sounds resentful of Tyler Cameron. Their relationship went public in July … and ended in August.

Tyler Cameron Sans Shirt
It looks as though Tyler Cameron has been cast as the next Bachelor. The male model has been dropping hints on his Instagram page recently.

“This might sound narcissistic,” Paige admitted during the interview.

It might sound that way “because he has a pretty insane media following.”

“But,” she expressed, “I felt like he was using me.”

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“I don’t know,” Paige continued.

“I felt like he wanted some media storm,” she admitted vaguely.

Apparently, it was when he looked over their social media metrics that she felt that his true colors were visible.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron TikTok Dancing
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have assembled a quarantine TikTok group of friends who are avoiding unsafe crowds and public spaces while staying together during this global crisis. They make a pretty good dance team.

“He was looking at my story views,” Paige recalled.

“And,” she detailed, “I was getting more story views than him.”

Paige shared: “And he … literally, word-for-word, said, ‘I need a scandal,’ like joking.”

Tyler Cameron on the Finale
Tyler Cameron is just so very good looking. That’s really all we have to say at the moment.

Thinking back, Paige confirmed that she and Tyler “met through friends at parties.”

The two are both obscenely beautiful, deeply famous twenty-somethings, so that fits.

They, however, were not a perfect fit.

Tyler Cameron Works Out
The Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron isn’t going to let the coronavirus pandemic stop him from staying healthy, so he’s keeping fans entertained with thirst traps and workout videos.

As we noted, Paige has dated some real stinkers in the past. She wonders if this was, to Tyler, a bonus.

“I don’t like that about myself,” she admitted.

“But I do have some s–t in the media about me,” Paige acknowledged, “especially around my relationships.”

Matt James and Tyler Cameron
Matt James has been announced as the newest star of ABC’s The Bachelor. James is best friends with Bachelor fan favorite Tyler Cameron.

“And I think he saw an opportunity,” Paige speculated.

“Not that he didn’t like me,” she clarified.

“But I think why he wanted to go public so fast,” Paige mused, “is ’cause he’s launching something soon.”

Tyler Cameron
Tyler is another lucky fella who made it into Hannah’s final four. As you may have guessed from his Zoolander-esque photo, Tyler is a male model.

Tyler and Paige only went Instagram official in early August.

It was all of one week after reaching that social media milestone that the two split.

Tyler confirmed that he was single, but chalked it up to bad timing on both of their parts.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron: Quarantined Together
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron appear to have taken an important step in their relationship. The possible couple appears to be in social isolation together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What is interesting here is that Tyler has gotten along very well with some exes. (Literally) famously so.

Is there something to what Paige is saying?

Or was there just no spark in their relatively short hottie-for-hottie romance, and she’s trying to understand why?