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The new season of Bachelor in Paradise is upon us all, starting Tuesday, September 27.

The spinoff has always been something of an All Stars show, with the caveat that every familiar face also be single.

But one member of this year’s case, Lace Morris, is something of a blast from the past.

Ahead of the premiere, Lace spoke about making a comeback six years after her last appearance.

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Lace Morris last appeared way back in 2016. First, we watched her compete on Ben Higgins’ season.

Then, she joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, becoming engaged to Grant Kemp.

The two ended up breaking up. Now, she’s looking for something new.

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Grant Kemp and Lace Morris never made it far on The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, but coupled up almost immediately last season in Paradise. Eventually, they broke up, which would make a second stint on the show potentially super awkward … and must-see TV.

“I’ve put so much work into myself,” Lace told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview.

She characterized that she had “literally invested in myself.”

Lace affirmed that “I have so much more to offer someone than I did at 25 years old.”

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Two months after the 2016 Bachelor in Paradise finale, Morris and Kemp were living together in San Francisco and looking forward to planning their wedding. However, in November 2016, despite having matching tattoos, the couple broke up.

“I’m wise, I’m more mature, I’m more calm,” Lace cited.

She added that “I’ve learned a lot of lessons.”

Lace then expressed that “I’m just more equipped to love someone…”

Hey, another suitor from The Bachelor Season 20!

“I am a whole new person,” Lace assessed of herself.

“And,” she then reiterated, “I am not what I used to be.”

Lace expressed to this season’s viewers “and I’m I’m excited to show you guys that.”

Lace Morris and Grant Kemp

Lace found love and heartbreak with Grant.

Even so, she said in the interview, she still holds a belief in “being vulnerable with love.”

She has no intention of quitting. That is why she’s back for Bachelor in Paradise.

Grant Kemp
Nice ring, Grant Kemp. He’s getting ready to propose on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I think you’ve got to keep putting yourself out there,” Lace suggested.

She noted that this is wise “even after being burned so many times, or just failed relationships.”

Lace then added: “You need to get back out there and try again.”

“If you get a good opportunity like this,” Lace mused, “who doesn’t wanna find love in paradise?”

That said, her six year hiatus has left her feeling a little out of the loop when it comes to her castmates.

Lace did share: “I have no idea who these new people are, but I know Brandon, Rodney, and Jacob are hot.”

Rodney Mathews
Rodney currently lives in Los Angeles. He’s 29 years old He played football for Fresno State University. He currently works as a sales representative for Cintas.

“Grant better not be here,” Lace then admitted. “[I would] act like he’s not there… I don’t like him.”

She then predicted: “I’ll be cordial and mature, now that I can. [I’ll say], ‘Hi, bye.’ But I haven’t seen him since we broke up.”

Lace added: “I’m not gonna settle for love anymore. I won’t do it. I need someone that’s passionate about me and honest.”