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Compared to their castmates, Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer seem like a couple with a real chance of making it.

They’ve already lived together. They clearly love each other. And they are expecting their first child.

But at the Tell All, Kara admitted that there was some tension when she was their little family’s sole provider.

Guillermo is working now. And Kara just shared what he’s doing.

Like Thais Ramone, Kara Bass was pregnant at the Tell All special, which filmed in June and aired in August.

Both women are due in November.

Guillermo is a bit young for fatherhood (or, under most circumstances, for marriage), but he is clearly excited.

In fact, Kara shared that their sex life has actually improved since the pregnancy news.

That might not end up being the case after they welcome their baby — and we don’t just mean while she heals.

Having a newborn is a total life-changer. They will have less time for everything else, especially when work is still a factor.

Kara held a recent impromptu Q&A on Instagram so that her followers could ask her just about anything.

“What does your husband do for a living?” one asked, knowing that Guillermo is now working.

Kara was clearly delighted to announce: “Right now he has 2 jobs.”

(This screenshot doesn’t really add anything to what Kara had to say, but you’re welcome anyway)

Kara offered few details — which is smart. Even if no “crazed” fans show up at his job, just a handful of haters could call in and sabotage him if they wanted.

She did share that Guillermo is working in “sales” and that he is also working in “hospitality.”

Kara’s sparkly emoji use made it clear that she is very proud of Guillermo. We all are, really.

Obviously, his job could be anything from running a bread and breakfast to leaving mints on pillows at hotels.

But it’s probably somewhere in between. Over time, Guillermo will build up a work history in the US and his prospects will grow.

Speaking of growing, Kara of course remains pregnant, and fans asked about that.

One asked about her due date.

Kara detailed that their baby is due on November 27. That is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Sounds like Kara and Guillermo might miss Cyber Monday.

Obviously, we’re talking about a 90 Day Fiance couple here. Not every part of their season was filled with joy.

In fact, Kara received something of a villain edit, if not as severely as castmate Emily Bieberly. (Viewers seemed to warm to both of them at the Tell All)

Kara was sometimes pretty blunt with Guillermo. She also gave the impression that she treated him “like a child,” indicating a lack of trust or respect.

Certainly, there were times when Kara could and even should have made decisions with Guillermo instead of unilaterally.

Whether or not the “laptop” dispute was real, just because she was paying the bills and doing the driving didn’t mean that Guillermo shouldn’t get a say.

Being a couple is about a partnership, no matter who is doing what. We hope that she and Guillermo both fully understand this.

Their season also saw sad moments, like Guillermo’s brother’s health struggle and then tragic death.

They both wished that he had been able to attend their wedding, even remotely, with other family members.

That tragedy did lead to them expanding their wedding plans, putting more money into the ceremony as a tribute to Jose Joaquin.

We continue to wish these two well.

And, when Guillermo is in a place where he is ready to share more about his work, we look forward to hearing from him.

In the mean time, November will be here sooner than we think.