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Earlier this month, Jinger Duggar spoke about her naivete — which Jim Bob used to exploit her and her sisters.

Since then, she has grown a lot, even if fans have misgivings about her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

As an adult, Jinger has begun to distance herself more and more from her childhood’s misogynistic rules.

This time, it’s not just about clothing. Jinger’s sleeveless thirst trap is meant to impress.

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Jinger Duggar snapped this eye-popping selfie to flaunt her toned arms and thirst trap followers with her fit build. (Image Credit: Instagram)

In the sage words of Justin Bieber, “I love arm.”

Jinger did not actually snap this photo herself, despite the presence of the phone in her hand.

Her husband, Jeremy, took the pic. He jokingly captioned it: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”

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Counting On alum Jinger Duggar shows her bare arms while gazing lovingly at her husband, who shared this photo.

We have seen Jinger’s arms before in photos (this is a great example), which of course attracted attention.

What makes this outdoor snap significant is not just how fit Jinger’s limbs look.

It’s that she and Jeremy were clearly happy to show others. She’s not just baring her arms; she’s flaunting them. As she should!

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Jinger and husband Jeremy are featured in this Instagram photo, which they shared online in May 2022.

Naturally, the well-deserved compliments came flooding in.

“You look amazing jinger,” praised one commenter.

“She has come a long way,” another praised. “Glad to see her living he best life AWAY from AR.”

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Jinger Duggar is wearing some very, very short shorts in her latest Instagram photo. In fact, they might be her shortest to date!

Jinger recently worse some fairly short shorts while vacationing in Malibu.

(Malibu is not as exotic of a vacation for her as it would be for literally any of her relatives, but still)

She once again looked great. But, as with her arm-based thirst trap, the main focus was on Jinger’s liberation narrative.

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Michelle Duggar has explained, in detail, how their family’s toxic and oppressive “modesty” policy works.

It is easy to focus upon the individual rules that Jinger can now “break” as an adult, because she married Jeremy.

(Upon marriage, “ownership” of daughters within this fundamentalist cult transfers from father to husband. Gross!)

Michelle Duggar on YouTube
Michelle Duggar made a very rare public appearance today. Like the rest of her family, Michelle has been keeping a low profile since the arrest of son Josh.

Simply put, the rules are to cover your legs, your arms, and your torso with little exceptions here and there.

Forearms are fine, ankles are fine. Wearing something form-fitting, however, is not.

That is restrictive, and many of those rules are harsher on the girls. But things get really sinister when it comes to the rationale.

Michelle Duggar (Young)
Michelle Duggar in her younger years. She was cranking out kids even then. Nineteen overall.

The beliefs behind these policies are all about sexist victim-blaming and more.

Essentially, if a man sees a woman and desires her, this twisted cult blames the woman.

Unfortunately, this also extends to minor girls. The implications of that are evil, and dictated how the cult deals with sexual predators and their victims. It’s never good.

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Jinger Duggar recently posed for what some fans are calling the most revealing photo of her career. Jim Bob’s not gonna like this one!

So, to them, if Jinger shows off the bare skin of her fit arms, and someone goes “oh, she’s hot!” Jinger has “defrauded” them.

Why? Because, in this malevolent worldview, Jinger is responsible for other people’s thoughts and desires. And because she can only give them what she “promised” through marriage.

We are happy that Jinger is free to bare her arms like a human being and not like the property of a cult.