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Back in 2021, Maci Bookout got Ryan Edwards and his family fired from Teen Mom OG.

Now, Ryan consistently delivered compelling storylines as a result of his shoddy parenting, his troubles with the law, and his ongoing battle with substance abuse, and reality TV producers usually love that kind of stuff.

But as one of the franchise’s true OGs, Maci has a lot of clout, and she used it to get send her problematic ex to the unemployment line.

Many fans questioned the wisdom of Maci’s decision.

Maci Bookout Opens Up
Maci Bookout opening up about her family situation on one of the final episodes of Teen Mom OG. (Photo via MTV)

Some pointed out that Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, and his parents, Jen and Larry, hadn’t done anything to deserve getting fired.

Others noted that condemning the father of her eldest son to unemployment might not be the wisest decision on Maci’s part.

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have ended their social media hiatus. And now, they’re telling their story like never before. (Photo via Instagram)

It turns out that Maci is not concerned about that latter factor, as she’s completely cut ties with Ryan.

“I still have zero relationship with Ryan whatsoever,” Bookout said in a recent interview with In Touch.

She added, however, that her relationship with Ryan’s parents is “definitely cordial,” describing it as “a genuine, cordial relationship.”

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Maci has remained close with Jen and Larry over the years, and it’s clear that all involved have Ryan’s best interests at heart. (Photo via MTV)

Bentley doesn’t have much contact with Ryan, as he only sees his dad during visits with his grandparents.

The situation is obviously less than ideal, but Maci says she believes it’s for the best.

“I think for now that’s the best spot for it to be and probably the healthiest,” Maci said.

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Maci Bookout is extremely close with her eldest child, Bentley. And now she’s sharing her thoughts on the boy’s lack of privacy. (Photo via Instagram)

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t get closer again or it won’t get stronger again in the future.”

She added that her relationship with Ryan’s parents is currently in “a very real, authentic, comfortable space.”

Asked about the possibility of mending fences with Ryan and Mackenzie, Maci expressed doubts.

“None of us, I would say, are probably ready to jump in the water yet,” she told In Touch.

Maci Bookout on the MTV
Maci Bookout on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, the show that made her famous. (Photo via MTV)

“And I think that’s perfectly okay.”

The kind words are surprising considering the heated conversation that unfolded the last time Maci was on camera with Jen and Larry.

“Since I’ve been around, I know this woman has bent over backwards to make sure that Bentley kept a relationship with them through everything that Ryan has put us through,” her husband, Taylor McKinney, complained on a Teen Mom OG reunion show.

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Taylor McKinney nearly attacked Larry Edwards during filming for this year’s Teen Mom OG reunion. Probably wouldn’t have gone well for Maci.

In an interview that took place shortly thereafter, Maci revealed that she had cut ties with Jen and Larry, explaining:

“We haven’t really had any conversations or communication at all since the reunion.”

It seems that the two sides have since decided to come together for Bentley’s benefit.

Now if only they could convince Ryan to act like he gives a crap about his eldest son.