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In July of last year, David Beador and Lesley Ann Cook announced that they were expecting their first child together.

Both were already parents from previous relationships, and three months later, the two were married.

On Friday, they shared that their daughter was due in one week …

… but surprise! The very next day, they shared their newborn with the world.

Plenty of pregnant people would spend their final days of pregnancy in bed.

Not Lesley! She and David got all dressed up for this impressive photo shoot featuring the beach and her baby bump.

At the time of Lesley sharing the pic, they didn’t expect to meet their daughter for another week.

David Beador, Lesley Cook, and Baby Anna

But on Saturday, February 6, Lesley and Real Housewives of Orange County alum David had a major update for fans and followers.

"Our first sunset with our sweet little Anna," Lesley captioned a photo of her and David with their newborn.

Lesley added: "(Pronounced Ah-na)" We hope that little Ah-na enjoys correcting people, because with that spelling/pronunciation combo, she’ll be doing that for the rest of her life.

David and Lesley were married in October.

We have to say that – as critical as we have been of David in the past for his behavior before and during the divorce – the matching "wedding masks" rock.

There has been so much pointlessly defiant nonsense during the COVID-19 pandemic, including from some of his fellow Bravo stars (cough, Kelly Dodd).

It’s nice to see people content to just go the "we’ll just go to the courthouse in custom masks" route.

Furthermore, Lesley actually had one of the best pregnancy announcements that we’ve ever seen.

In breaking the news that she was with child, she showed fans a literal photo of a bun in an oven.

David Beador and Lesley Ann Cook

Cheesy? Perhaps, but hey. What can I say? I like puns.

It’s a cute way of sharing the news with followers.

David and Lesley began their relationship a short time after David and Shannon famously went their separate ways.

Given the emotionally-charged history there, this has led to some public shading between Lesley and Shannon.

David Beador Engaged

However, it appears that either everyone involved is happier now and has moved on … or they’re at least keeping their scathing comments off of Instagram.

Or a little of both.

As we mentioned, David and Lesley are both parents from prior relationships – with David’s three daughters with Shannon being very familiar to RHOC viewers.

Shannon, her daughters and her new boyfriend John (above) played a big role in this past Covid-fueled season of RHOC.

Even though she and John had their ups and downs, she does seem really happy with him, which must make it easier to accept David starting a new family with his new bride.

As for Lesley, she may not be on a Bravo show like Shannon, but on her social platforms and in interviews, she has previously raved about David’s many qualities as a father.

Lesley Cook and David Beador Hold Hands in Greece

In particular, she singled out the ways in which he supports his daughters and makes an effort to show up for their events and, to the younger ones, provide transportation as needed.

Lesley and David were dogged by engagement rumors for what seemed like ages.

Ultimately, they became engaged to one another in January of last year.

David Beador and Lesley Cook in Greece

Obviously, we don’t need to tell anyone at this point in life that the year 2020 was not an ideal year for an engagement.

Or a marriage, a relationship, or even remaining conscious as a human being. It was a rough ride for all involved.

But there’s nothing that anyone can do about that.

Lesley Cook with David Beador

We’re sure that a quick pandemic marriage while already expecting their child together was not what either of them had in mind.

But that’s life, and these two have enough lived experience between them to know that.

Congratulations are in order for the birth of their precious baby girl!