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The night before the wedding, Kobe Blaise blew up at Emily Bieberly.

After his recent alarming revelations, she wanted to know if he had any more surprises for her. He was mad.

On the day of the wedding itself, however, Kobe is on the verge of a breakdown.

Emily is pregnant. She doesn’t want anyone to know. He feels like he has to tell her parents.

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In this sneak peek ahead of the Sunday, August 7 episode, Kobe Blaise is already in his tux.

The minutes are counting down before he marries Emily.

Alongside producers and camera crew, his imminent father-in-law, David Bieberly, is keeping him company.

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Both men have tears in their eyes.

This is a momentous occasion in their lives.

But Kobe also has one lingering issue. He feels like keeping Emily’s secret is betraying his future in-laws.

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Adorably, he starts crying, so overcome with emotion and declaring how “cute” Koban is (he’s right). Emily tears up in response. It’s very sweet. All the while, Emily’s parents are there, but they clearly want to stay on the sidelines and not make this beautiful meeting about them.

“It kinda hit me this morning that Emily is getting married,” David explains to the cameras.

“So it’s a big deal, because I had a lot of serious doubts before Kobe came to America,” he admits.

“But he sent me a letter telling me how much he loved Emily,” David explains.

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They’re a very chill pair, but they of course support Emily continuing to breastfeed her son, because it’s her choice and because it’s good for him. When Kobe tried to claim that it was disrespectful (whatever that means) of Emily to feed her son or pump milk in front of her dad, he gently shot him down, explaining that he doesn’t have an issue with it — it’s a natural part of having a kid. Emily’s parents also diverted the couple’s verbal sparring match by getting Kobe to help Lisa prepare the food.

“And that he wanted my permission to marry her,” David revealed.

Some might see that as a red flag, but not David.

“And I wrote him a letter back,” he shared, “saying it’s important for him now to step up to the plate and take care of things.”

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David gives Kobe a present — passing it directly to him so that the cameras cannot see what it is.

The present is seemingly related to the letters that they have exchanged. Both men tear up.

“It’s your job now. That’s for you, Emily and Koban,” David emphasizes.

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“You take charge,” David advises, “you gotta head them in the right direction.”

Kobe thanks him, and the two embrace. Their emotions are running high.

“Alright man,” David then says. “I love you like a son, so it’s going to be a good day.”

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This is a huge moment, and he very sweetly has a lot of feelings about this. Emily does, too, but this is a big day for Kobe.

“I gave Kobe something personal that I wanted him to have,” David tells the confessional camera.

It is something “that would remind him of what my letter said to him. It’s a really beautiful thing,”

However, it is also something private. Perhaps we will find out on the Tell All.

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What kind of parent is Kobe going to be? Kobe won’t be able to work for many months, so Emily’s dad will be supporting him, Emily, and Koban for the duration. They are very attached to their grandson and they remind Emily that she needs to put him first — emphasizing (in a refreshing way) that just because she has a kid with Kobe doesn’t mean that they need to marry if they’re not right for each other.

Kobe is very openly emotional at this point, more so than David. In Kobe’s case, there’s real internal conflict.

“I do respect [Emily’s] father so much,” he explains to the confessional camera.

“And it really hurts,” Kobe expresses, “not telling him about the pregnancy.”

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“I feel like he trusts me so much,” Kobe says. “It’s going to be like I failed him.”

He continues: “And I am afraid that I might ruin everything.”

“But,” Kobe declares, “I just can’t take this anymore.”

When Kobe says “I can’t do this” out loud and in front of David, it sounds like he’s about to betray Emily. Again.

One can understand his desire to not disappoint his in-laws.

But … wouldn’t the key to that be using protection, or not forbidding Emily from using birth-control, in the first place?